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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Merry Monday morning!! Another week, hopefully this one will be full of sunshine, supper in the garden, and nonchalantly picking (stealing) flowers from country lanes.

Today on the blog we have a photo-shoot brimming with whimsy, faded grandeur, and other wonderfully made up adjectives for vintage awesomeness oh and beautiful dresses by the one and only Johanna Hehir. I couldn’t whittle down the images that Clare Tam-Im sent in so you have them all. I adore the colour of the front door against the beautiful bridal gown, the cakes look divine, and as for the flowers, well, Clare always does a fantastic job.


Photography by CTI Photography


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Photographer – CTI Photography www.ctiphotography.co.uk
Dresses: Johanna Hehir www.johanna-hehir.com/
Hair accessories: Kelly Spence www.kellyspence.com
Flowers: Traditional Vintage Flower Company www.tradvintflower.co.uk
Cakes: Pretty Gorgeous Cake Company www.prettygorgeouscakecompany.co.uk
Styling: Revival Rooms www.revivalrooms.com
Chairs: Couchi Couchi Chairs www.couchi-couchichairs.com
Dessert table: Ania’s Sweet Boutique www.aniasweetboutique.com/
Hair and make up: Vicky Brown www.vicky-brown.co.uk/
Stationery: By Elinor Rose www.elinorrose.co.uk
Models: Sarah, Fran, Nehha
Venue: South Farm www.south-farm.co.uk



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Clare Tam-Im //

Thank you so much for featuring this Phoebe. Everyone did such a fabulous job and it was such a pleasure to work with them all! Thanks again xx

Anna Costa //

Just to say thank you to Phoebe and others for wonderful response I’ve received and bags of complements on my cupcakes and cakes after published on your blog <3 Ania's Sweet Boutique

Alexander Leaman //

I could dive into those cakes! Great styling on this shoot – and I just love the fact that it’s all about colour… and then more colour. Nice.