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I have been meaning to write this post for a little while. I have written how to use twitter and pinterest to plan your wedding.  I was recently with a few brides to be and we were discussing what social media they use whilst planning, if any. Most responded with Facebook and Twitter but one girl only uses instagram as she hates the spammy and ‘in your face’  nature of the others.

She went on to explain that she feels that instagram gives a better insight in to someone’s life, they aren’t up on a platform interacting with lots of other people, they have taken the time to choose an image to represent what they are doing at that very moment. And that can say so much more than a tweet.

I happen to agree with her, though I will always love twitter, I love the laid back nature of instagram. Double tapping on things you like and nonchalantly leaving comments here there and everywhere.

You kind of use it in the same way as twitter. Follow and add # such as #wedding. Go forth and follow those that inspire you!

SO! I thought I would list some of my favourite people to follow on instagram. It is another great way to get to know some of the people you may be wanting to use at your wedding, you get to see how they work, what they love and interact with them in a different way.

mark francis instagram

I will start with the “celebs”. I don’t actually follow many, and some are rather embarrassing but here you go –

@markvandelli – he is my favourite on Made In Chelsea. His life just looks insanely amazing.

@victoriabakerharber – I love her and Mark’s images. Cheekbones to die for. Is that a good enough reason to follow? Probably not.

@professorgreen – I have no idea why I follow him. I don’t really like this music but I enjoy stepping in to his life.

@mariafowler – yeah cringe. I am fascinated by her.

@tanyaburr – new girl crush. Obsessed with her youtube videos also.

@tomaikens – one of my favourite chefs. I love him. Great foodie pics.

mrs caudery instagram

Normal humans –

@Gezgethings – photographer – if you are an animal lover you have to follow him. He is so exceptionally talented.

@JulietMckee – another photographer I love following. An all rounder (perhaps too many siamese shots…!)

@MrsCaudery – Mrs C gets my award for best instagrammer. She does it so well. A must follow for anyone in the industry.

@BisforBabb – Babb captures the most mundane of objects and makes them look beautiful

@brittchudleigh – a US photographer – she is currently in London, her pics are always gorgeous, all taken through her iphone.

@GemmaMilly – adore all of her sketches

@binkynixon – #thevinniediaries

@AlphabetBags – cats and bags. Love.

@missbushbridal – another must follow if getting married – dresses galore.

@ciaraelliot – always in beautiful places, interspersed with wedding loveliness.

@CeliaLacy – just lovely Lincolnshire images. Makes me miss home!

@DesignSeeds – inspiration central!

studio choo instagram

Florists (quite a few of these!) And the reason I follow them is obvious. 

@bloomingayles – great insight in to the workings of a florist

@fairynuffflower – cats and flowers

@swallowsanddamsons – always beautiful flower shots

@studiochoo – obsessed with them

@fleuriste_flowers – rebecca is so unbelievably talented. Based in New South Wales

@mckenzie_powell – more gorgeous flowers. I can’t get enough.

@mercibouquet – based in Aus, an adorable look in to her life with flowers and her son

Interiors – 

@synnoverom – a gorgeous house in Sweden

@thecornerhouse – if you want happy beautiful images in your timeline then you need to follow them.

I obviously follow a lot more than this and I adore everyone that I follow, but these are my stand outs. They get instagram. They know exactly how to use it and with each image I am taken in to their world of loveliness, escapism at its best as I often scroll whilst on the loo…

So then guys, it is now time for you to add your favourite people on instagram, give us some new flesh to follow!!

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