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A very much needed visit to Stamford on the blog today. Natalie and Steve are such a gorgeous couple and I had a huge smile on my face whilst I was narrowing down the images (which I have done a poor job of as they were all lovely). There are details of their upcoming wedding below, obviously some details will remain a secret but Natalie is having the legendary Miss Pickering as her florist so we know it is going to be beautiful and that Natalie has impeccable taste.

Photography by Binky Nixon

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Their suppliers to be – 

Venue – 

The ceremony will take place at the gorgeous Normanton Church on Rutland Water. It is no longer an actual Church, but a museum. In the 1970s, a village was flooded to make way for the manmade lake. However, the church was saved following public outcry – and now sits on a peninsular on the lake edge. Almost as though floating on the water.

For the reception, we will then be moving to a farm over in Hambleton – again by the water – in which we will erect Kata’s from Elite Tents (http://www.elitetents.co.uk/) for a very relaxed reception filled with personal touches, music, good food and dancing.

Wedding photographer

The wonderful Binky Nixon!

Kissing Gate Video are also our videographers.


Miss Pickering – who else!

Bride’s dress /shoes

That would be telling! However, I did find the beauties at The Stamford Bridal Rooms. The ladies there are fantastic – especially Aimee – who made me feel very much at ease. Searching for a wedding dress is actually quite a stressful experience!

Bride’s hair accessories/veil

Gillian Million – a find at a National Wedding show. Gorgeously hand crafted!

Bride’s hair /makeup

Still working on these – watch this space!


These are being made by one of the girls mothers, who is ridiculously talented.

Groom’s outfit/accessories/shoes

No idea – he is keeping this one a secret i’m afraid!


Wonderful Holly at Mimosa bakery. (who has featured many a time on the blog!)


A very talented and creative friend is designing these for us.

Décor/wedding details

I don’t want to say too much on this one – but it is very much a DIY affair. Steve is a carpenter, so we are making many lovely creations from wood. We are both really passionate about the personal touches and are working really hard to bring this together. We want a very relaxed, bohemian, rustic vibe.


Jeeves Caterers – based in Maxey are providing the food.

Honeymoon Destination

Hong Kong – followed by Bali.

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