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God dag!! Hvordan er deg?? (this has a point I promise). Such prettiness to end the week with. I adore Helen’s use of colour and design, I love finding new suppliers. It’s all about bringing you the pretty and today I think I deliver. This is her first time on a blog so please feel free to leave a little love for her.

Here is what Helen had to say –

So.. I’m Helen Davison, 31, originally from Norway, now living in Scotland with my English husband and our 5 month old daughter (bit of a mix there!)
I love typography and have a slight obsession about collecting fonts to the deprivation of my poor mac My other obsession is most thing vintage, specially vintage packaging and branding. For as long as I’ve been designing I’ve done various pieces of stationary work for friends and family, and now after leaving work and being at home with my daughter I really wanted to do something other than freelance. So after going through my folders of illustrations and other personal work that’s been cooped up for many years, I’ve finally taken the leap to putting my designs out there and into the shape of PaperBureau… I decided to focus mainly on wedding invitations, as I remembered so well from my own wedding how much I wanted our invites to be unique and personal, and I want to offer the same to others. So now I’m just hoping that some future brides out there will like my work and that I get to help make their wedding journey a little bit extra special!
DSC_7488 DSC_7492 DSC_7511 DSC_7539 DSC_7540 DSC_7541 DSC_7545 DSC_7558 DSC_7560 PageImage-524516-4884017-DSC_7530


I am totally smitten. To see more of Helen’s designs and prices, please visit her website ~ Paper Bureau 

Have a lovely weekend. I will hopefully be crafting with I Am Nat, popping along to the farmers market and then treating myself to a facial. As per usual, you can follow my shenanigans on instagram. I say shenanigans, it is more a documented account of Atticus’s day.

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