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We are with resident bridal blogger Helen, who tells us about her engagement shoot. I hope that any nervous couples draw some positives from it, it really is not as scary as it sounds.
I’ve never been one to feel camera shy. A photographer’s daughter, I grew up perfecting poses and making sure I understood where the light should be for the ideal photo. I therefore felt pretty smug heading out for our third attempt at an engagement photo shoot in beautiful sunshine.

Photography by Jon Mulkeen

The first couple of attempts had been a complete washout, a mix of sleet, snow and torrential rain and mud up to your ankles meant that we’d abandoned the shoot after five minutes both time. It’s hard to look longingly into each other’s eyes while your hair is slowly getting plastered to your face.
I think engagement photo shoots must be an American thing. Certainly my parents and people who had been married for more than ten years had no idea they existed. To be honest though I thought the experience was brilliant. Not just as a way of getting some truly lovely photos of me and Pete, but also as a chance to feel natural looking romantic and intimate with some guy staring at us through a lens- something that certainly isn’t natural or romantic for most people!
We now feel completely at ease with Jon, our photographer, and he understands how we work and it should make the whole wedding day go much more smoothly. What also helped was taking the photos around our village so that we could see what different backdrops looked like. On the wedding day it can be action stations and we can head off to the locations we’ve already earmarked and save us having to take too much time away from our guests.
I was quite pleased as well because for all of those years in front of a camera, it doesn’t prepare you for the moment you have to act natural. Posing is one thing, but looking like you’re out for a romantic stroll without suddenly popping out a cheesy grin at the camera turned out to be quite a challenge!
So pleased with the results, and our photographer Jon Mulkeen was a real joy to work with.
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