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Merry Monday! I hope you have all had a lovely weekend? Did you enjoy the fact we neared towards 10C? As you may know, I have a friend over from America so my times between emails and contact may be slightly delayed till Wednesday. She is exceptionally excited for Made in Chelsea tonight and the prospect of a curry. We treated her to a Miller Sunday lunch yesterday of roast chicken then apple crumble. So far, so good!


The blog has been handed over to Mr Matt Bowen, he will be submitting a few posts over the next few weeks supplying advice from a photographers point of view. As April is notoriously rainy, it makes sense to start with the weather!

Ah, the great British weather! Not quite lived up to its name in recent years has it? The last two summers have been a wash out but we’ve seen some very warm spells in April and September/October time. Not being able to confidently predict the weather has added another level of stress to planning a summer wedding. All Brides and Grooms want to have a beautiful sunny day so that their guests can mingle outside, they’re warm and of course so that they can get stunning photographs to remember their day.

‘I just hope it doesn’t rain,’ is something I’m hearing more and more when I meet with couples, but luckily a bit of rain doesn’t have to put a dampener on your photographs. There are plenty of ways to work around the rain and make sure it doesn’t have too much of an impact on your day.

Plan ahead: 

Even if you’re the most positive person in the world, it does no harm to plan for wet weather. Getting friends and family to collect as many brollies for you costs nothing extra and the different styles and colours can make for great photographs as you come out of the church. If you wanted to be ultra coordinated you could get umbrellas in the same colours as the bridesmaids dresses.

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A venue visit: 

Your photographer should arrange a venue visit with you before the wedding. This allows you to find the best places to take photographs on your wedding day. It means you’re not wasting time on the day looking for places to pose and it also means that while you’re there you can make a contingency plan should the rain fall and you need to take cover. You could stay totally dry and find some places light enough indoors to have your photographs taken

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Or if your venue has a sheltered area outside, make a dash for it and get outdoors with that cover over your head, sometimes even a doorway can do the trick. If your photographer has a creative enough eye then they should be able to spot the potential in a location. Sometimes it simply comes down to getting up close and personal….

Trust your photographer:

One of the reasons that you can pay over £1000 for a professional, experienced wedding photographer compared to £300 for someone who just happens to have a nice camera, is that the professional knows what to do in many different situations. They have the best lenses for low light photographs and they don’t panic when it rains. They should talk to you about the best course of actions, tell you what to expect from your wedding photographs and deliver some stunning pictures that you will cherish forever. So relax, if it rains, it rains, there’s always the chance you’ll be able to get outside at some point in the day and make a feature of the weather. If not, then you can make the most of your beautiful venue and show it off in photographs taken indoors.

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Matt Bowen is a Cheshire wedding photographer who works in Cheshire, Staffordshire and Manchester and across the UK. For more details about his photography visit his website www.mattbowenphotography.co.uk

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