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Photography by Jess Petrie

Afternoon all! Hope you had a lovely weekend and are easing your way in to a week of work and wedding planning? Tracey got in contact with me about her take on cascading bouquets after reading the ever so infamous trends post. I have always been a fan of a ‘go big or go home’ philosophy when it comes to flowers and second to that I love texture. Both are beautifully accomplished in this seasonal shoot.

Here is what Tracey from Campbell’s Flowers had to say –

As 2013 shapes up to be a really exciting year here at Campbell’s HQ, it struck me when working through our bookings for this year, that styles of wedding bouquets are really starting to change.  While hand tieds designs are still very much the order of the day,  we have definitely moved away from more compact designs towards a much softer, more random, lovely unstructured style which suits our ‘just picked’ look perfectly.  Think gorgeous textures combined with wayward foliages ‘doing their own thing’.  Colours combine soft peaches and apricots with dove greys and luscious succulents; with purples, lilacs and lavenders still featuring strongly this year.  Pretty meadow-inspired bouquets using herbs, wheat and barley are also popular – especially in brighter more jewel-like colours.
As someone who is passionate about working with seasonal flowers, I try wherever possible to buy British and even manage, during the growing season, to buy locally!  This whole ethos seems to fit really well with couples who are looking for a more relaxed, informal, less structured day altogether.  The flowers we use and the romantic styling really seem to suit this cascading shape and, as one photographer said to me the other day, so many Brides carry their posy designs downwards – why not design a bouquet which looks lovely in the photographs however you hold it? And, although posy designs can be made large or smaller to suit the Bride’s silhouette, they can look a little odd when made smaller when trying to get lot of textures to work next to each other.  A posy containing succulents just cries out to be bigger and bolder!  The beauty of these cascading designs is they lend themselves to being made sumptuous and luscious or petite and dainty to suit you.
If you’d like to see more of our work pop across to our  website or do get in touch  on facebook and we’ll do our best to help you with any flowery conundrums!
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Gorgeous right?

This is my favourite image, love all the colours and textures.

My secret wedding by Jess Petrie-66


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