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Afternoon all, as correctly predicted we did get a rather large amount of snow. Atticus is utterly perplexed by it. (see instagram). Days like today make me feel very grateful because I can stay warm inside and write about lovely things.

I mentioned this morning that Tori and Carly of The Something Borrowed Boutique wrote the best supplier submission I had ever received. Whilst I won’t divulge word for word why it was great here are the basics:

It was 626 words long. Usually submissions are very short, or just images but they captured my attention with a little bit of history about the girls.

♥ Zip file of 40 images and links – always always always add images AND links. If a submission has neither I am less likely to go looking for whatever you would like me to write about.

It was personal – it is a piss take not to add the bloggers name when it was in the email address.

♥ It ended with “we just want to spread the love!!” – sentiment always wins. I need to believe in what you are writing about. Whether it has come from you or a PR agency.

Anywho! Based in Warwickshire and surrounding areas, Tori and Carly will work with you to design or supply pieces to make your wedding unique. Whether you are looking for vintage, rustic, whimsical or traditional and classic pieces. They also have a gorgeous vintage car that used to belong to Carly’s grandad’s. Their pricing is exceptionally good as well, to download a list click here.

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Two Q&As with Tori and Carly

Tori –

the something borrowed boutique

Favourite Colour: Platinum!

Favourite Film: Grease

Favourite Song: What a wonderful world (Louis Armstrong)

Favourite Month: June

Favourite Flower: Gypsophilia

Favourite Drink: Vodka

Favourite Food: Mums Sunday roast

Favourite Word: Archipelago

Favourite Perfume: Lola by Marc Jacobs

Favourite Book: Anything by Martina Cole

Favourite Quote from a Film: Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!

Best piece of advice you have ever been given: Manners cost you nothing!


wedding blog uk

Favourite Colour: Sage

Favourite Film: Love Actually

Favourite Song: Tracks of my Tears by Smokey Robinson

Favourite Month: May

Favourite Flower: Peony

Favourite Drink: Vodka!

Favourite Food: Potatoes in absolutely any form – jacket, mash, new, chips….!

Favourite Word: Seriously?

Favourite Perfume: J’adore Dior

Favourite Book: Russell Brand’s autobiography

Favourite Quote from a Film: Meet the Parents – Stiller “You can milk anything with nipples” De Niro “I have nipples Greg, can you milk me?”

Best piece of advice you have ever been given: Don’t try any radical new looks for your wedding ‘look like you’

To have a look at what else you can hire for your wedding day visit their site –

Also have a look at their video

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