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We are with Helen today (finally after my laptop stopped de-fragging!) as she talks about stationery, dieting and what every bride to be goes through when the calender hits January 1st. 

I’m all spent up from the January sales, my fridge is now cheese and chocolate free and I’m turning my attention to slimming into that all-so-crucial dress.

Yes- I’m one of those January gymmers that everybody hates. I’m currently living off lettuce, brown rice, lentils and chicken and I’m currently sipping a mug of raspberry, cranberry and elderflower tea. I couldn’t quite bring myself to hit the green tea (no matter how much it is good for my metabolism, it still tastes like soil).

Christmas was lovely and relaxing. It shouldn’t make a difference being engaged at Christmas, but it does. It seemed to make it more special and significant. That and all of our Christmas money now came in envelopes saying ‘for the wedding’ on the front. And it was all immediately squirreled away into an ISA rather than paying for January treats.


The biggest shock came about three minutes into the New Year. We went to a party at a friend’s, and huddled round the TV as the clock struck midnight and watched the fireworks. As the group all kissed each other happy new year and gave each other a new year hug, one person while kissing me on both cheeks cheerily said ‘Oooh, now you can say you’re getting married next year!’ and my heart nearly stopped!

It’s official, I’m no longer getting married one year many years from now, it’s NEXT YEAR!! So I figured I’d better crack on!

The main thing I’ve been working on is the wedding stationery. I know in the grand scheme it’s not the most important of elements, but it’s so easily overlooked. My thinking is that once the day is over apart from memories, the only things that you’re left with are the photos, videos and stationery. So it’s important to get it right.


I met with my friend Amber from Vintage Princess just before Christmas to talk about my vision for the Order of Service. The idea is to create this and then work backwards to design invites and save the dates.

Ours is going to be a late summer, early autumn wedding and I really want that feeling of richness, plenty and abundance to come through- but without it looking over the top. The theme is jewel colours, rich purples and pinks, teals, yellows and ink blues with the bridesmaids in different colours. So I wanted the stationery to link through with all these colours with a blackberry purple as the dominant colour.


I’ve fallen in love with purple paper and gold calligraphy writing which I seem to be pinning endlessly on Pinterest at the moment and I’m thinking these would work for the menus and escort cards. The challenge for Amber is that I don’t want something just ordinary.

I want the order of service to be personal, unique, touching and interesting. People can sit in a church for up to an hour waiting for the wedding to start and they want something to look at and to read. How many times have you found yourself reading an order of service five times even though you know it only includes hymn words and readings? I don’t want that for our guests so I’ve created a mini flat plan for the content.

There will be the usual content but also some photos, the story of how we met, a timeline for the day and personal quotes and poems.

I’m so excited about this document! I really want everything in the day to reflect us, who we are and what’s important to us. You know that at a wedding probably 60% will care about things like this to a degree but the other 40% will keep them, look at them and find them really special.

Pete currently thinks I’m talking another language when I describe the wedding stationery but I can’t wait to show him what we’ve created.

If you’ve seen any really unusual or exciting invites then please do let me know. I still haven’t really got an idea of how to do the invites and it would be great to see some real-world examples.

I’m also currently looking for ideas for presents for a best man and ushers. A little while ago I posted the photo of the beautiful necklaces I gave my bridesmaids with a ‘I couldn’t say I do without you’ message in. Pete really wants something special and similar for the groomsmen but we’re struggling to find something as special. If anyone knows of anything or has any ideas please do let me know!


Happy New Year to all the brides to be and if your wedding is 2013 I hope this is the best year ever!

Love from

Helen, Pete and Alfie


She is most definitely an organised bride that is for sure. To see more of her pins click here. I like that Helen hasn’t overlooked the stationery, it is the first impression your guests receive of your wedding and after all the blood, sweat, tears, and money spent you would want them to get exceedingly excited wouldn’t you? 

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