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Well, I am so truly honoured to be sharing the wedding of Laura Babb, a wonderful wedding photographer herself I was so eager to see the images of her day taken by Hannah Millard. I followed Laura’s planning with anticipation and as a few images got tweeted I realised that she definitely didn’t disappoint,  I don’t often do a lot of blurb with a real wedding but I love Laura’s answers. Have a read, then enjoy the wedding and the infamous Babb bun!!!

The Proposal – Pete proposed on my birthday.  He organised a secret champagne picnic up on the roof of our flat.  Our flat has an amazing view of London and the sun was shining. It was perfect.

The Vision for the day – We wanted a really relaxed, fun day involving food, drink and all of our friends and family.  We also really wanted to make a weekend of it and have all of our friends camping on site.

The Planning process – It was all a bit ad hoc really.  We made a list of things we needed to do and just worked our way through them.  We also used a budget planning spreadsheet that we found on whimsical wonderland weddings.

We also won the services of Clare from A Beautiful Wedding Company in a competition and it was amazing to have her helping us pull everything together in the lead up to the wedding and also helping out on the day.

The Venue – Billycan Camping in West Sussex.  I’d seen a wedding there on a blog and I just adored it.  When we went to visit I just knew it was the place I wanted to get married.

The Dress and Accessories – My dress was 2nd hand from eBay. I knew I wanted to wear a 50s style dress so I spent a bit of time looking around on line before seeing one pop up in my size on an eBay search.  My shoes were from marks and Spencer’s and I sent them off to the amazing Rene Walrus to be customised.  My shrug was also from EBay (originally from Primark!)

Hair and makeup – I did my own makeup but my hair was done by Sharon from Wonderful Hair by Sharon Roberts.  She is amazing and the style I had on the day has now been designated the Babb Bun.  I really hope some other brides go for the same style.

Groom’s attire – Pete’s suit was from Lambretta and his shirt was from Zara.  He bought the bow tie on line and then spent two weeks before the wedding learning how to tie it.

The Readings + Music – Pete and I walked up the aisle together while my brother played First Day of My Life by Brighteyes on his ukulele

We wrote the ceremony ourselves and our friend conducted it for us, which made it really special.  We’d already legally married earlier in the week with just our immediate families present but to all intents and purposes we didn’t count that as being our wedding (although it was still very special).

For our readings we had Love by Roy Croft and an excerpt from Gift From The Sea

Beautiful bridesmaids –  My three best friends.  I told them to pick their own outfits as long as they were purple or yellow and around knee length.  I really love mismatched bridesmaids dresses.

Flowers – Flowers were by the wonderful Jay Archer Floral Design.  I had a flower crown and matching bouquet and then we had mixed flowers in jars and tins.  I wanted the flowers look really wild and mismatched and include lots of yellows and purples.

The Cake – We didn’t have a cake.  Instead we had a cake baking competition and lots of our friends and family took it very seriously indeed.  We called it The Great Wedding Bake Off and had rosettes made for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes (we pinched the idea for one of WWW’s other Real Brides, Adeline and she kindly told us where we could get them made). We then used the 1st Prize cake for our official cake cutting. There was SO much cake that we ended eating some of it for breakfast the following day!

Your Photographer – Amazing photographer and friend, Hannah Millard.  Hannah got married a month after us and I had the absolute pleasure of photographing her wedding for her.

We couldn’t be happier with Hannah’s pictures. She did an amazing job and it was wonderful to have her around to share our wedding weekend with us.

Film – we had a film made by the amazing Laura and Leigh at Piece of Cake Films.  I photographed their wedding so, again, it was so brilliant to have them involved.  They’re amazing.  Leigh has loads of experience as a commercial film maker working for huge clients such as Guiness and Lucozade and Laura is a photographer so when they combined their skill as a husband and wife team it was bound to be awesome.  I love out film and I can’t wait to share it on WWW shortly.

Entertainment –  we had The Original Fete company to entertain our guests.  They provide a fete with splat the rat, hook a duck and load of other brilliant fete games.  Our guests loved it and I’m so pleased we had them on the day. They were brilliant!

In the evening we had our friend Jo, who’s in a band called Raiders, ( sing out first dance song.  It was More than This by Roxy Music.  It was so special to have someone we know sing our first dance.  In fact it made Pete cry…. bless.

Transport – the amazing Buttercup Bus.  We loved having a beautifully restored WV camper as our wedding transportation and Nathalie from Buttercup Bus is lovely.

The Honeymoon – We would only get away for a week due to work commitments so we went to a lovely little Eco barn conversion in Wales to eat cheese, drink wine and sit in front of a log fire.  It was bliss.

Memorable moments –  I loved walking up the aisle with Pete.  It felt really special to know that we were walking up together.

Our party was quite lively and I actually changed out of my wedding dress into my normal clothes around 9pm so that I could dance more freely.  This was about the same time that three of our friends changed into their kigu onesies…  I’m not sure how that happened but it was really good fun.

Advice for other couples – Have the wedding you want, not the wedding you think you should have.  Some people were quite confused about the sort of wedding we were planning but on the day everyone had an amazing time.

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Photography: The brilliant Hannah Millard


Dress: ebay

Accessories: vintage locket and bolero from Ebay

Shoes: Marks and Spencer’s, customized by Rene Walrus (

Groom’s attire: Lambretta and John Lewis

Transport: Buttercup Bus –

Entertainment: The Original Fete Company –

Flowers: Jay Archer Floral Design –

Hair: Wonderful Wedding Hair –

Planning and on the day coordination:

Music: Jo from Raiders sang our first dance.

Film: Piece of Cake Films (you can see their wedding here on WWW here!


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Antonia Bell //

Beautiful wedding Laura! I’m really excited to have Hannah photograph our wedding (thanks Laura for putting us in touch!) I love the drinks monitor idea most! And the customised shoes! And the bake off! Consider those ideas knicked! 😉

Phoebe //

The bake off is a great idea isn’t it. You are very lucky to be having Hannah, she is wonderful and exceptionally lovely!

Laura Calderwood //

Wow, this looks like the most fun guests have ever had at a wedding! I love the bake off idea, and Laura’s customised shoes. And the yellow and purple was fab – love to see a bit o’ colour theory in action! And a bride on a space hopper is something you don’t see enough of! x

Phoebe //

Jay’s flowers are gorgeous in her hair. There needs to be more brides on space hoppers, not sure what my mother would have said if I had suggested it though..!

Rachel //

Best wedding EVER!!! Love this so much. Adore the little yellow cardi with your dress and the flowers in your hair. xx

Buttercup Bus //

Great photos with Buttercup the campervan (especially of the two if you looking back from inside). I may have to see if I can get a copy for our website! I love these pics so much that I have sent them as inspiration to my Sis for her wedding!