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I hope that other blogs do similar posts so that you can see different takes on the trends. I think my favourite has to be the glitter. It can be used in all aspects of DIY, in any colour. It can also be adorned on nails, as bridesmaids dresses and table linen.

Rustic Luxe

I first saw this phrase crop up in interior mags last year. I sneered at its oxymoronic concept, and now I am in love. This is rough and ready industrial look paired with lace, glitter, feathers and other such frippery. It works well with barn, outdoor weddings. It may be hard to achieve within a stately home when the venue is all about the luxe. Lots of hessian, chicken wire, burlap, bark, moss, all splattered with glitter, gold cutlery and simple blooms giving an air of relaxed manner. Not a birdcage or suitcase in sight.

burlap and lace rustic-farm-wedding

Board credits to the wonderful Burnetts Boards


We already touched on metallics yesterday, this is an extension of that. And should you want to buy some gold cutlery for yourself, have a look here! Bargain.

Dining details – 



Everywhere. Do it.

gold glitter macarons

Glitter macarons –

glitter tea lights DIY

Alea Lovely



Festival finger food

Think street food, lots of different stalls cooking up food for your guests. The great thing is that you can have whatever you fancy. Pies, fish and chips, thai, popcorn, ice-cream, bagels! If you are in the north, have a look for Northern StrEats. They can put you in touch with numerous street food stalls that do weddings. Favourites include Fish& and Pieminster. They will also travel.

Pieminister-festival-stand wedding

The Cake

Cakes go naked adorned with fresh flowers which fits the rustic luxe brief perfectly, or they are created with a take on the couples theme; ie gold/geometric/unicorns (not en trend but always awesome). Have a look at Cake by Sugar for inspiration.

wedding blog uk

Subtle geometric cake found on Martha Stewart Weddings

Gold Embossed Wedding Cake with Sugar Peony by Deborah Lauren of City Sweets and Confections in New York

Gold Embossed Wedding Cake with Sugar Peony by Deborah Lauren of City Sweets and Confections in New York

The Choux

Goodbye cupcakes. They can be decorated in a variety of colours and filled with flavoured cremé patissiere. Gold leaf on top? Two 2013 trends achieved.


20s and illusion backs

Still going strong, and rightly so. Such beauty and elegance. No strapless dresses here. Look to Jenny Packham for what I think is my favourite dress of all time, the Eden. In the North visit White Room Bridal and in the South visit the legendary Miss Bush Bridal Wear

wedding blog jenny packham

Jenny Packham Eden

claire pettibone wedding dress blog

Claire Pettibone – Eloquence

wedding blog Packham

Jenny Packham – Esme

Claire Pettibone - Kristene

Claire Pettibone – Kristene

uk wedding blog pettibone

Claire Pettibone – Viola

Make Up 

Well, Chanel said eyes, Burberry said lips and Lanvin said grunge liner will all be big. In conclusion? No idea. Wear what makes you happy.

I wouldn't mind looking like any of them on my wedding day.

I wouldn’t mind looking like any of them on my wedding day.


Last year saw stripes and chevrons, lots of hearts and brackets. All will continue in to 2013 but we will also see an emergence of geometrics. Followed by vintage, festival style. Lots of bunting patterns and fete style typography.

wedding blog UK stationery

Design by Leah Spicer at Golden Apple Design. Photography by Lucy Stendall

wedding blog uk

Design by Amy Seager at Dotty Pink Designs. Photography by Holly Booth

geometric uk wedding blog

Design by Sweet Emilia Jane. Photography by Captured by Aimee.

Design by Press Engaged. Photography by Zoom Photography.

Design by Press Engaged. Photography by Zoom Photography.

If you read this and think “oh how lame, I am en trend”, don’t. Everyone will take concepts differently, and the beauty about all of the above is that you can do your bit to support local businesses food and flower wise. You will look timeless in your dress and who doesn’t love glitter?! Are you having any of these?


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Liz Aka Wedfest //

Bang on trend for my wedding and didn’t even know it!!
Love the Rustic Luxe look that is fitting in so well with the tipi’s and my color scheme is chocolate brown and GOLD!
And my dress…. imagine the above dress Esme with beading down to the bottom and in ivory/gold.
Thanks for another inspirational blog 🙂

Phoebe //

Love! I can’t wait to see your wedding Liz. Especially as your venue is wonderful too.

Rachel //

Love the inspirational posts so far! Lots of e ‘trends’ are in line with my thoughts for our wedding later this year so I am pleased!! Love the pie idea too…..i am a pastry fiend!! Thanks for the post Phoebe x

Phoebe //

Oh so am I! Don’t go on to their website unless you are prepared to feel exceptionally hungry!

Phoebe //

Thank you Rachael! I forgot I pinned her ages ago and how perfect she looks in that photo! I am going to order some chouxs. I will photography me eating them for you 😛 xx

Pops //

I need the gold cutlery in my life. M&S do a fab set but it’s a lot more expensive!! *gets out credit card*

polly...♡ //

Loving the blog especially loving the food bit!…’Florence’ our Vw ice~cream parlour would fit right in for the trends in 2013…hope you like her…..♡

Laura Calderwood //

Mmmmmm, now I’m hungry for pie, cake and choux. Actually that happens a lot… Those dresses are stunning. I went for a mahoosive one when I got married but I think I’d opt for something a little more slinky if I could do it again. Though if I give in to my continuous cravings for pie and cake I’ll never be able to go near a slinky dress 😀 x