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Its that time again, I get to predict (coerce) bridal trends for the coming year. Last years list saw the 20s, orange and mismatched bridesmaids. Whilst I think the first will continue strong in to 2013 (which I am pleased about) there will be some sauntering in to the 30s jazz era also. This year will see the rise of glitter power, food in finger form, and 2 very different approaches to style. Oh, and farewell to the cupcake there’s a new bun in town.


Whilst I appreciate that a lot of people follow what Pantone dictates, I haven’t really been inspired by their ‘Colours for 2013‘. I think the only one that may be worth pursuing is emerald. A wonderful colour for bridesmaids because it looks fantastic on every skin tone/hair colour.

From Burnetts Boards - antique jewellery < via Ruffled, emerald and gold interior, London photograph < available on Etsy, emerald bracelet from Ruche, Twigs and Honey bridal veil < via Honey Kennedy, cake < from Style Unveiled.

From Burnetts Boards – antique jewellery < via Ruffled, emerald and gold interior, London photograph < available on Etsy, emerald bracelet from Ruche, Twigs and Honey bridal veil < via Honey Kennedy, cake < from Style Unveiled.

Metallics (is that a colour?)

Gold, silver and bronze. Straight up or mixed. Metallic elements will be big in 2013. From glitter bridesmaids  to gold charger plates and cutlery. Embellished dresses from Jenny Packham lends itself well to 20s styling whilst feathers dipped in gold glitter mixed with rustic hessian make for perfect rustic-luxe. More on this oxymoron tomorrow.

gold Image (5)

Via Burnetts Boards – photo credits: french bulldog, earrings, Zuhair Murad Fall/Winter 2010 dress, silver tinsel garland < from Confetti System, bouquet < from Style Me Pretty, glitter eye shadow, cake.

Source - Style Me Pretty

Source – Style Me Pretty

Mint green, peach and pastel blue will also still be popular this year. As will grey. And you all know my love of grey.


There will be more on flowers tomorrow but there are two main trends: the wild and wonderful or simple and elegant. Of course, flower crowns will still go strong. Major high fives for this.

Simple and Elegant – subtle colours, pastels and frothy foliage


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Wild and Wonderful – everything. EVERYTHING. Do it. Seeds, leaves, blooms, pods, unicorns.


5840674488585975_9NTte6si_c 9148005463143474_bgH7hvhz_c 17170042299843795_HFrwI6CV_c 26669822763981359_ycNbRXe6_c 91620173640235155_zCOVrWSW_c 185140234651828673_N1V1YCll_c 204702745532501720_UabPaR0s_c 255579347573531885_rFi0Kfnq_c 276408495849462653_OpWyB1rl_c

Floral creations can all be found on my pinterest board

The SYGM approved florist list – 

North ishLeafy Couture, Campbells Flowers, Kate Mell, Firenze Flowers, Fletcher and Foley, Ivy Florist

Middle-ish – Miss Pickering

South – Fairynuff Flowers, Blush Floral Design, Bloomingayles, Martin & the Magpie, The Flower Appreciation Society, Gypsy Rose Flowers, The Traditional Flower Company 

Reallly South – Bramble & WildJay Archer Floral DesignCommon Farm Flowers, The Blue Carrot, Miss Mole’s Floral Emporium, Wookie Flowers

Want to grow your own flowers? Then talk to Common Farm Flowers and Higgledy Garden

On the blog tomorrow – themes and styling. What do you think so far?



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Nik //

It’s amazing how trends subconsciously filter into your brain isn’t it? I’m getting married in June and am finding myself really drawn to greens, greys and coppers, along with wild flowers. And I thought I’d come up with that myself…! Duh!

Phoebe //

Hehe, yours will be completely different to someone else perhaps going for that look too though. Loveee green and copper!

Vicky //

Fab! I’m definitely still loving gold this year, and of course the 20s, and have a floral crown coming up in my 2013 collection!

Oh yes, and the huge bouquet in a pot made me lol.

Vicky x

Tracey Campbell //

Wow! Thanks so much for the mention and yes, almost all of my designs will be British grown, seasonal, wildflowers in soft blushes – although blues are still popular and brights (like you’d find in a meadow) are my tip for the coming season!

Jay Archer //

Hi Pheobe! Thanks for the mention- lovely, lovely post. Just to clarify, I’m only in Basingstoke- 40 mins from London?- and cover the whole of the South East inc London, Surrey, Hampshire, Berkshire and Sussex with a lot more further afield!
Wishing you well for 2013 xx