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I am not going to tire you with yet another “best of 2012” type post because I assume you read the blog throughout the year and don’t need me to repeat it. I also presume you have your favourite posts. If you don’t remember a thing,  WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!

Did you have a lovely Christmas? I know about 80% of Facebook statuses consisted of illness updates so I am sorry if you have been ill. Thankfully the Miller household had a bout of illness a week prior to Christmas so everything went ahead without a hitch. We ate, we were merry. I received tonnes of lovely cards and gifts

Wreath by Miss Pickering

Wreath by Miss Pickering

Schnauzer decoration from my parents

Schnauzer decoration from my parents

wedding blog favours

Orange and Clove brandy was made in to brandy butter.

snowflake gift wrapping

Gift wrapping for my family

snowman book

One of my favourite things about Christmas and I thoroughly enjoyed the Snowman and the Snowdog.

navy dress christmas

I had an office Christmas party. It was a small affair. Embellished outfits all round.

orange and clove

I make these every year to adorn all the doors

red nails gold glitter

Festive nails. Lasted all of 3 days.


This happened. Our team lost. My winning streak came to an end.

christmas gifts

Some of my favourite gifts. Orwell and Goode print, Chase and Wonder napkins, Joules phone cover and another stag.

Lesson learnt from Christmas 2012: Do not fall asleep whilst steaming a Christmas pudding that takes 2 hours and requires topping up. You will have to throw away your pan and the house will reek of burnt plastic for days.

On the blog tomorrow – trends for 2013, and what I would like to see abolished. There will be paint skills involved. Here’s the post for the “trends for 2012“.  And one of my favourites – “trends to abolish in 2012“.



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