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Hello allll!!

Are you getting excited for Christmas? Surely you have your tree up by now? Tweet me photos, I am nosey. I am finishing off a few other projects at the moment and then I have gorgeous real weddings to show you and a rather ranty post on Kirstie Allsopp, I know, I have dared to go there.

Coming up… Photography by Samm Blake

australian wedding photographer

This bride wore that colour dress!! And looooook at those flowers.

australian wedding photographer

The Miller household is slowly becoming like a grotto.

Not quite sure why I decided to DIY the snowflakes for my wrapping, but I did, I am half way through and there is no backing out now, will take some proper photos soon. Isn’t the wreath stunning? By the wonderful Miss Pickering. Lulworth Blue. Obvs.

My parents came up yesterday for a present swap, they brought with them seeded and sourdough bread and mince pie things from Hambleton Bakery and then pork pie, chine, haslet and sausages from Nelsons. All Lincolnshire’s/Rutland’s finest!

Atticus got clipped yesterday and is now shivering profusely  I feel really bad so may have to buy him a jumper. Are we all caught up? Have you been watching Inside Claridges? I think it is my most favourite programme at the moment.

Oh and the blog is/was oh Huffington Post. Stats went crazy. From this post.


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