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It gets to that time of year when the best people get married. A winter wedding is by far the greatest. There is chance of snow, mulled wine, roaring fires, and fur. I have however noticed that ladies seem to struggle with winter attire. Why? I have no idea as it is not hard. So, here is my definitive guide to what to wear to a winter wedding. The bride has taken months deciding her outfit, it is only fair you put in a bit of effort too. Quite often there is no dress code on an invitation unless the bride requires black tie or perhaps military dress for men i.e. No 1 service dress. So you are left to your own accord. Please do not text/email the bride as she could not give a shit about your clothing woes.

.Length – You are not from TOWIE

For going out out, the general rule is boobs or legs. Never both. In TOWIE-land they could not give a flying fudge. Everything is out. You are attending a wedding. There is no need to tan up, wear stripper heels and a Herve Leger body con. I am going to assume that you will wear a dress, why you would wear trousers or jeans is beyond me. I am also going to assume that you have the decorum to cover up boobs and legs.

♥ If wearing a dress knee length or above, wear tights. A good dernier. Never leggings. Ever.

♥ Wear heels but perhaps think about how much walking/dancing you will be doing and bring flats just in case. You could wear smart boots, just keep it more equestrian than Pretty Woman.


Colour choice – it matters if its Black or White

♥ You will not wear white. You will not wear cream. You will not wear ivory. You will not wear blush. You will wear an appropriate colour choice for a wedding, and for winter.

♥ You may wear black if you are going to make it look more wedding than funeral. Perhaps with jewellery, hat or shoe colour choice.

♥ Stick to seasonal colours: plum, midnight blue, emerald green, ox blood, aubergine, browns and greys etc.

♥ Glitter and sequins are always good but you may feel rather ridiculous in a spangle gold glitter number at 11am in a quaint English village.

If you wear black, keep it cheerful –

Wear with smart black blazer or fur coat. Perhaps a colourful cardigan if you think you will need layers.

♥ It really is worth investing in a hat. Not a fascinator. If you dont want a bespoke number you can pick up beautiful ones from John Lewis/Harvey Nichols for under £90 and they will last you a fair few years. I would personally opt for black as it will go with more outfits, but colour is always appreciated at a wedding!

Whistles – great for demure dresses as is LK Bennett. You can also find great copies of these on Asos. The black dress above is from Dorothy Perkins.

Jewellery – keep jangling to a minimum. Especially when you are sat in church. We don’t need a chorus of your bangles.

Make up – keep simple but feel free to slather on more for the evening do.

Mustard –



You will be standing in the cold, whether its whilst you are waiting for the bride and groom to exit the church or when you are waiting for photos. Think layers. Think scarves and think about your feet. Also keep a hip flask in your handbag. Sloe gin is a must.

Green –


It is always a good idea to try and find out what the intended colour scheme will be. Usually you can tell from the save the date, if this has come from vista print then you are less likely to know. Try and ask someone who will know what the bridesmaids are wearing and stay clear of that colour.

Blue –

(You need not spend a fortune – blue dress + heels = £60 all together).

Note for brides to be – please do set a dress code if you think your guests need it or may want encouragement to wear a hat or if theres a need to bring wellies. If you have to state ‘no jeans or sports wear’, I feel for you.

You can find out where to buy everything shown AND see more outfits on my Polyvore – here. Enjoy!

Any questions? And please, wear a hat, you are a lady.


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Babb Photo //

“If wearing a dress knee length or above, wear tights. A good dernier. Never leggings. Ever”

Unless you are the wedding photographer and you need to crawl around on the floor, not flashing your bottom at people!

anna | far from the wedding crowd //

Yes to the hats. (And everything else!) What is so hard for people to understand!?

jayecole //

God I love your guides for what to wear. I consider you like my style mistress who tells me when I have been bad.

I love the turquoise jewelry with the black dress.

Now will you please come and dress me for every other day as well?

Caroline //

‘Please do not email/text the bride as she couldn’t give a shit about your clothing woes’ Charming.