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Whether you are a veteran blogger, or just looking to start out, I thought I would write a little post on the politeness and etiquette that we should adhere to, not only to keep sweet with fellow bloggers, but to make sure our readers are enjoying fresh and unique content.

Repeated content

Why are you blogging something that has already been blogged? Why not write a related article, perhaps your take on something and then link to the original post ? This not only shows general courtesy to the original source, but your readers will want your slant on something, not just a re-hash of an inspiration shoot/wedding topic. If you see a great supplier on another blog, either wait a while to write about them also, or just tweet/facebook a link. That blogger may have spent weeks looking for someone inspiring, and it took you all of 2 seconds to copy/paste some images. Is that really what you are in this game for? If all else fails and you really want to blog what has been blogged because you think your readers will appreciate it, email the blogger and photographer and ask permission.



Be original

I truly believe that to get far in life you need to be original. Why be a second rate copy of someone else? When you write a post, put your heart and soul in to it, then it can’t be imitated/copied or para-phrased by non creative folk without it looking obvious.

Find your own style and content

I spend hours scouring the internet for new and interesting things to blog about, pretty suppliers and different ideas, it is exceptionally frustrating to then see it re-blogged a few days later. Sometimes it is a coincidence. I find that occasionally London Bride‘s posts and my own can coincide ideologically or stylistically. I put this down to us either being separated at birth, or we both have impeccable timing and taste. I also find we attract the same suppliers so when it looks like I have copied her, I know she knows I haven’t, we just have similar taste, this can of course happen in a very small industry. However, Charley has a very defined and unique style, as do I.

If you are using, please make sure you do your research and don’t use a template another blogger is using. Try to find your own branding. Whilst this is hard to achieve straight away, there will most likely be many a re-design, as long as it is not similar to any one elses, you are doing ok.

No one owns curly brackets or ♥s.

For suppliers

When you submit to a blog, let them know if they will have exclusivity. This can sometimes influence whether or not a submission is accepted. If it is going on other blogs, please be very clear with whom and when. By omitting this information it looks sneaky and deceitful.

A few more pointers – 

– Give credit

– Give traffic

– Link to original sources where you can

If you can think of something else I have missed then please let me know!






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omoestilo //

Great advise for budding bloggers like me. I want so much to tell the world about what I do without coming across as cheesy or inappropriate. This really helps. x