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Either it’s sad that Made In Chelsea has ended, or it’s sad that I care? Not sure. 

I have taken a lot from the programme:

♥ A well timed pout speaks more than words

♥ Champagne can be consumed for breakfast without dependency connotations

♥ A union jack blazer will always look cool

♥ Adding -licious on to your name makes you sound like a brand of apple.  I.e Phoebelicious 

♥ Slicked back hair does not win you the girl of your dreams. 

♥ Awkward silences makes everyone feel uncomfortable. (Perhaps throw a pout in)

♥ A bridge is a great meeting place 

For the park…


For the party 



Her headpiece is from here, took my a while to track it down.


Are you sad its over? Did you ever care? 

p.s – I’m calling it now. 1920s shall be big in 2012. 

p.p.s – I also watched University Challenge last night, my television viewing isn’t totally vacuous. 

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