A Beautiful Nightmare…

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Now, don’t think of me as hypocritical. I know I did this post a mere two days ago. But these are wonderful. I want one. 

An alternative to cupcake towers? No. A cheese alternative to a cupcake tower is a babybel. This could be in addition to your beautiful tiered wedding cake (not an extra layer, I mean beside it on the table) or a replacement? Would you? These are from Millies in Leeds

You can have the cheesed etched however you like. Just think of the cheesy possibilities…and the port. 

Yay? Nay? 


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Jaye //

I love the idea of cheese towers and I saw a few really gorgeous ones this summer – dripping with fresh fruit.

My only 'issue' is that some of the cheeses used can be quite odoursome. One stank up the entire room and guests were complaining. Likewise, the guests didn't know how to serve it and it sat there mostly uneaten.

My suggestion would be to avoid the kinds of cheeses that would make your guests complain that the room smelled like a teenage boy's sock and to give clear instructions to your catering staff about when/how you would like it served.

PS – I love the fact that the leftovers don't go stale in 3 days like cake!