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Are you pining for roses in vintage teacups? Well stop. How about a pine cone? Before you click *back*, have a look at the mood board and tell me what you think? They can be sprayed, dipped and covered in any paint (or glitter) or left au natural. I love them. They are perfect at an autumn/winter wedding.

And you could even do this…(don’t, but you could)


Did you all have a lovely weekend? My sister and her other half paid a surprise visit. I mainly hung out with this guy, his name is Geoffrey. He is a 15 week schnauzer.

Whilst Michael played in a shiny car. We ate highland burgers, drank, and were merry. 

♥ Did you all see that launched today? Packed full of lifestyle inspiration. And written by a former wedding blogger ♥

All images sourced from random corners of google, especially the dress.

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