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So I have my first bit of hate mail. I don’t realllly understand why. But they bothered to spend the time writing it, so I thought I would share it with you…I have lifted it straight up for you to enjoy spelling and grammar also. 

Dear Pheobe, 

I just wanted to email you and tell you that I think you should maybe reconsider how you come accross in your blog. Firstly, how can someone be so arrogant to think that people want to read the pretentious crap that you put on your pages? You only blog about high-end things, that most brides or people in general cant afford but I am so glad you can. Secondly, what is the point? You dont have a niche, you arent a big blogger, you dont focus on anything in particular so really, I cant imagine anyone reads it other than to laugh at you. 

I thought it was better that I sent it annonymously because I thought someone should say something as no one should waste their time on something they arent good at. I dont want to be mean but you come accross as arrogant, maybe you are in real life, if so I feel sorry for you, if not, why pretend to be?

Have a nice week. 

So there you go. What I don’t understand is that they have evidently taken the time to read my “pretentious” blog, and for this, I thank them. See You Next Tuesday. 


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Anonymous //

Dear Anonymous,

Anything worth saying is worth saying anonymously.

You really shouldn't do things you aren't good at – like spelling, grammar, sentence structure, maturity and being human.

Happy Bunnies!

Your friend,


Anonymous //

Dear feebee.

I'm so bored. Pleese stop writing your blog because I is jealous that I cannot spell or use correct grammar.
I also wish that I was as pretty as you is and dat i could afford the nice fings that you write about.


Nikki@KnotsandKisses //

These stupid idiots should be ignored! How dare they be so horrible to you .. blogs are there for people to blog about what they like and feel is relevant to their business! If you don't like someone's point of view stop reading their blog … don't send nasty and quite frankly arrogant letters to them.
I for one find your blogs inspirational!
If these people had any guts they wouldn't publish their comments anonymously!

Fiona //

“Some Guy”: you are a legend.

Phoebe/Pheobe/Feebee (whichever you're going by these days): you and your blog are great, but even if they weren't, so what, c'est l'internet!

Anonymous: you are a tool.

Vicky {brideandchic} //

How odd?! I love the fact they are implying they are doing you a favour, taking you to one side as it were! Bloody genius!

Seriously though, probably just a troll with nothing else better to do..is it school holidays?! 🙂

Anonymous //

Phoebe rocks and nobody even knows your name. Loser. You should fess up so Phoebe can thank you for all the exposure and love you've inadvertently brought her.

Michael Miller //

Phoebe Rocks!

I know because I was with her for 5 years before marrying her and every day since that first meeting she has made me happier.

I am incredibly proud of Phoebe and her blog as I know there are a fair few people who take inspiration from it.

To whomever the author was of this anonymous email you are clearly a pathetic, malicious person. I would take the time to rebut each and every one of your ill conceived criticisms except for the fact that they are clearly antagonistic in nature rather than opinions with merit.

In future please resist the compulsion to share your unwelcome and inflammatory comments unless there is some point beyond an attempt of belittlement.

Kindest Regards,
Mr. Phoebe Miller

PhoebeMiller //

I don't know what to say. Thank you all so much for your kind words (and amusing slander). It's nice to know there are more people backing me up than kicking me down. (Quote Rachel)

I hope you all continue to read my pretentious blog.

Love P


(Michael – I love you so much)

asti1234 //

Ok so I am a bit late on the commenting but really… Dear Anon- u need to get a life, Jealousy will get you nowhere. Dear Pheobe- u know u rock, you're an awesome bird, ignore 'anon' and keep up the musings,love ya. X