Cake Week Results

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe
A massive thank you to everyone who participated in Cake Week. It was an absolute pleasure blogging about some of the most fantastic cakes I have ever seen! 
Something that you may not know about me is that I come from a history of bakers. My uncles took over my grandfather’s bakery business after he died. They now have bakeries across east Lincolnshire. They in fact made my wedding cake for me. So you’d think it may come naturally? Well, I have learnt that although it looks easy, it most certainly is not. I reckon I would need at least four to five more attempts to get the icing right (I also need to find a larger nozzle). So would I make my own wedding cupcakes? No.

The rigmarole of practicing, failing, practising some more then actually making the cupcakes that would adorn my wedding is not only time consuming, but costly. I’d most definitely leave it to the professionals. I think this is something that you can’t DIY. It’s something that deserves love and affection to be poured over it, and that could only come from someone with the experience and the passion.

The cupcakes tasted delicious, the sponge was delectable and the icing wasn’t too bad. But looks wise, its no piece of art.
(no matter how many roses I put near it)

So are you still thinking of doing your own wedding cake?


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bigblondewedding //

I love your radioactive cupcakes 😉

You're right though, the icing part is so fiddly – I had a go myself and honestly, it would have looked better had I just spooned it on and smoothed it!!