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Cupcakes! Cupcakes! Cupcakes!…these aren’t just any cupcakes, these are television worthy cupcakes and they are the creation of Airy Fairy Cupcakes. These would look fantastic at any wedding, from a cupcake tower, to using them as favours. Delicious. If only we could reach through our screens…feel free to try. 

Name: Airyfairycupcakes (Chief Airyfairy Laura)       


Bit of a background on you:

I’ve also loved baking cakes and biscuits. I spent a lot of time when I was little reaching on tippy toes to the kitchen worktop to roll out and cut shortbread! My first cake was a Christmas one, studying Home Economics at GCSE. I thought my marzipan Santa ruled

Since then I followed the corporate path and graduated in 2005 in Economics, I’ve since worked in both the public and private sector in Communications so have quite a marketing/business brain (or should have!).
I have a firm belief that all things happen for a reason, so when redundancy came up earlier this year, just as I was being asked to cater for more and more events I jumped at the chance, scary as it was! I’ve never looked back and absolutely love what I do, so it appears, do a lot of other people as we open our first shop in Didsbury, South Manchester in March!
Background on your business:
I’ve not invested any money yet, I’ve just managed to build up by reinvesting in the business. I’ve only ever spent £150 on advertising, which was an advert in a newspaper and some flyers.
The most effective form of advertising, (and the bit I’m most proud of) by far is word of mouth, and we’ve had a lot of recommendations from events we’ve catered for, as well as using social media and our gorgeous website to entice people!
Favourite flavour of cake/cupcake/pastry:
 Absolutely love our Nutella cake balls and cake pops at the moment, a little too much! My all time favourite is Millionaires Shortbread, very difficult to find a really excellent one but when I do…oh dear!

Most memorable wedding creation you have done:
One that did stand out was a huge 150 cupcake tower, using our biggest 10 tier stand and having to reach on tippy toes to the top! Every single one was devoured!
Advice to brides about selecting their cake, any tips or things to remember?
In these credit crunch times, a lot of brides have said to me “I was going to make my own”, completely underestimating the time and skill required to make them look a high standard, so I’d really advise against trying to do this. A good cupcake supplier doesn’t need to charge you a fortune but can make all the difference to your big day. I’m a firm believer in not charging a ‘wedding tax’ having seen some suppliers who charge one price for normal cupcakes and another for brides!
Secondly,, have a really good look around in magazines and if you aren’t 100% sure what you want, leave it to your cake maker, they’ve the experience and creativity to create something lovely. I love either very specific brides or ones who let me loose; quite often this ends up in the most stunning towers.
Thirdly, I also try and advise brides to have boxes for their cupcakes; an extra cost but it means they can then double up as wedding favours or so that guests can take them home.
Do you have a tip you are willing to share for budding bakers?
A big tip but maybe an obvious one is to practice! Firstly, friends and family will love you, but also you’ll get quicker and produce a better standard. It used to take about 4 hours to make 100 cupcakes but I can now do it in half that time and to a higher standard. It’s also essential that family and friends are honest with you!
A Quick Q & A
Favourite Colour: Fuschia Pink
Favourite Film: Pretty Woman / Pulp Fiction (for the girly and the tomboy in me!)
Favourite Song: Your Song – Elton John version!
Favourite Month: June – Summer on it’s way, BBQs start and my birthday!
Favourite Drink: Kir Royales mmmm
Favourite Food: Gotta be a cake pop!
Favourite Word: Amazing
 Favourite Perfume: Chloe

Favourite Book: Never get a chance for reading anymore but loved The Island by Victoria Hislop – The Babylon books are also eye opening!(Wedding Babylon, Hotel Babylon etc)

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