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I think every wedding dress needs a little something extra, whether its a set of pearls or a diamond necklace, accessories can take it to the next level, and the following collections from HF Couture certainly do that. Fabulous cuffs, necklaces, headpieces and so much more from a very talented Yorkshire designer.

Name: Jane Hardman-Ferris
Twitter: @HFCouture

Biography: Where to start? Hmmm ‘A life well lived’…thus far…. Born in London, brought up in Fulham and surrounded by Bohemian types..well it was
the late 60s/70s – lots of hippies, thesps, Buddhist monks and the odd R1 DJ like Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman who was a lodger at my friend Fionas Mums house. Life was very conventional on one hand yet quite mad bonkers on another like dinner being delivered by the waiters from Bentleys Oyster Bar (in a taxi) because Mum was out with Aunty Grace (Lady Grace Bentley wife of Derek Bentley the owner) My Nanna and Aunty Grace had wonderful jewellery which is I believe where my love of all things bling started…

Life changed somewhat on our move to Leeds in 1974. We were aliens from another planet up here back then. However the arts were encouraged by my family everything from Ballet to Art Galleries and stately homes were our weekend diets – other kids played out with their mates. Read a very ‘normal’ subject at degree level though as I wanted a very ‘proper’ job…so off I toddled and studied Social Policy (yawn) then ended up working in Admissions for Leeds Met University – made some wonderful friends sadly had to work for some people who would make Peppa Pig look intellectual.

I refused to pay ridiculous money for headdresses when I was getting hitched so I made my own and it dawned I was fairly good. Realised after a major life changing episode* and having married a wonderful man that life most definitely had more to offer so enrolled on a Millinery course and ran away from exceedingly well paid job to relative pauperism 4 years ago. Now? I adore my job we can eat and well and I have created pieces for television and celebrities and hoping to utilise my historical knowledge to break into period pieces for theatre, film and television very soon.

: Everywhere from the UK to the USA to Japan and France and Italy for the
silk I use.

My Favourite Piece:
At the moment it’s the Haskell inspired collection which I have started
with a headdress, cuff and necklace and the Clementine necklace again inspired by Miriam Haskell and named after Clemmie Churchill wife of Sir Winston. My mother worked for Harvey Nicks in London and was the member of staff who looked after her when she shopped at the store.

I love and have always loved the fashions from the 20th Century
everything from the Art Nouveau movement through to Erte and the designs for Diaghlievs Ballets Russe through the Art Deco Period and Chanel to Diors New Look and the House of Worth, Hardy Amies to Belville Sassoon, to Vivienne Westwood to Galliano. My favourite bridal designers are Elizabeth Emanuel and Terry Fox. I can find inspiration anywhere though in a leaf to a piece of sculpture…

A Quick Q & A

Colour: Purple – sinful but restful and possibly very naughty….

Film: Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Historically bunkum but the costumes are wow

Song: Hazel O Connor ‘Stay Now’

Month: June and I can run away to Scotland!

Drink: Rioja or a really good Cava

Food: Oysters as they are no faffing around with them!

Word: Mellifluous someone I once adored said I had a mellifluous voice….sigh

Perfume: Penhaligons Cornubia

Book: The Golden Age of Couture and another book simply called ‘Tiaras’ all designers porn!

All of Jane’s beautiful pieces can be found on, a wonderful lady and fantastically talented.

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