Introducing Mr And Mrs…

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We were introduced for the first time as Mr and Mrs (I was still smiling) there were more cheers, camera flashes, more tears (namely by my father) and we were then seated at top table behind the beautiful flowers Miss Pickering had done. We ate, we drank, we enjoyed speeches, I had my photo taken more times than I care to remember but I started to realise that it was all going too quickly.

Before I knew it, it was 17.30 and my wedding breakfast was over, I had a little wobble. All the time planning, the little stresses, the bickering, all the effort was all zooming by. Technically it wasn’t nearly over as we had from 17.30 till carriages at midnight, but it was going too quickly and I didn’t want it to end. I didn’t want to take off my dress, ever, and I wanted little girls to keep calling me a princess in hotel toilets. The way Michael had looked at me all day made my heart skip a beat, my father was crying at any mention of “proud,beautiful, wedding” and in a few hours it was all going to be over. I dwelled for at least 30 minutes…naughty bride.

I was then ushered up to my honeymoon suite where my bridesmaids and I cracked open some more champagne (can I just point out, I was continually drinking but never got drunk – thank you biology). I kicked off my wedding shoes, hoiked my dress over my knees and sat cross-legged on the bed with my four closest girl friends. Any blues I was having had disappeared, we were already reminiscing about the beautiful ceremony and the guests who travelled so far to be there, we laughed, drank, they tried on my veil and I was back in my wedding bubble. We touched up our make-up, spritzed, groomed, brushed and we were good to go. Evening guests would be arriving and the second flood of compliments were about to commence. Crap. That meant it was nearly time for my first “dance”.

Nothing had gone wrong, and nothing did go wrong. But the moment I was dreading was about to appear. I am no elegant swan and Michael is definitely not a lordly lion (Harry Potter quote, enjoy). AND. It was captured on film. Which I will of course share with you.

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