Before The Gin Set In

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

We were in the Bentley. We were married and it was all so surreal. We had to take a little tour around Stamford to give the guests and photographer time to reach our venue. I was sat in the car in my wedding dress, next to my husband, driving down roads which I used to walk along when I was younger. I can’t remember what we spoke about in the car but I do remember tuning up to the venue and spotting the champagne, ready and waiting.

Before getting out of the car Michael gave my hand a little squeeze, I think he realised I was starting to get a little flappy and nervous, thinking “here we go again”. I elegantly clambered out of the wedding car, clutching dress and bouquet in one hand I took the aforementioned champagne and savoured every bubble (it was at this point that I remembered I didn’t eat breakfast and it would go straight to my head) I smiled at Michael , took his arm and walked to where we were going to have all our photos done.

Nearly a cold two hours and some mulled wine later it was time to be announced in to the dining room…Everything had gone perfectly so far. Surely something was going to go wrong?

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