The Moment of Relief

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

The moment I heard the opening chords to Jerusalem (greatest hymn ever written by the way) I knew we were now on cruise control. Michael and I walked up to the altar where we kneeled, said the Lord’s Prayer then went into a smaller part of the church to sign the register. The rest of the wedding party followed and Michael and I finally got a chance to talk. I couldn’t really say anything of worth, just that he looked wonderful and that my foot was hurting. I felt so relieved. The serious parts were over and now we could go on to the more social and appealing part of the day.

We then linked arms and started to walk down the aisle as man and wife. I couldn’t stop smiling and I had never seen so many flashing cameras directed my way before. We doubled back up the church for some more photos by the altar. Then it was time. The moment every girl waits for. The church exit as depicted in multiple romantic films. I got little giddy tummy jumps as we approached the ancient archway.

Everyone was lined up in the very small (very slippy) graveyard. Clasping on to Michael for stability, I put an ivory cladded shoe onto the first step and strode into the dimming light, we were bombarded with confetti, met with cheers, whoops and of course sobs. It was perfect. And I was still smiling.

We precariously made our way to the bottom of a few steps then posed for photos with the rest of my entourage. The car pulled up, we had a few more photos then we got in the soft leather seated wedding car as a married couple. As man and wife. The fun was about to begin...

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