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Miss Pickering and friends photos.

The Thursday before my wedding, all was calm. I had two days to go. I had a variety of appointments all day, from a meeting with the florist to getting every inch of me waxed. My best friend and chief bridesmaid arrived, Michael was now staying too. It was fine. Then I woke up on Friday.

I always wondered how I would feel the day before my wedding, and in all honesty I was still not nervous and only marginally teetering on excitement. It was market day in town and we had numerous errands to run, from dropping off our favours to picking up Americans from the station. I was still mentally occupied with little tasks that I had almost forgotten why everyone was here.

We then had a church rehearsal at 6pm. (I advise all brides to do this the night before) Miss Pickering had put all of the flowers in place and they looked absolutely stunning. We went through what was going to happen, I messed up all the lines and stood in the wrong place but I felt better knowing what the general order would be. Then it hit me. Hot flash and slight wooziness followed. I was getting married in less than 24 hours. Crap, the nerves had hit.
I then had arranged for everyone that had travelled to Stamford to meet in a bar. Slowly it filled with all of our family and friends…this made it worse. I was now officially, for lack of a better word, bricking it. My mother had given me a curfew of 9pm. We arrived home. I had a bath and she made me some toast. I of course didn’t sleep, it was one of those nights where I heard the bells chime every hour on the hour.
Saturday the 20th of November arrived with grey skies and a mighty chill. I woke at 7.30 for hair and make up, and as my beautiful bridesmaids arrived, I realised they were just as nervous, I calmed down and the nerves turned into the most overwhelming excitement. By the time I had got into the car (in the attempted manner of Grace Kelly) I was completely serene. And I was on my way to becoming a wife.
Next installment…what it felt like to arrive at the church.


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sarah //

Oh I love this! Not only are the pictures stunning (nice job on the flowers Miss Pickering!)but reading the build-up makes my tummy jump! Can't wait for part 2 xxx

Chris //

For what it's worth, Kristina and I were amazed at how cool, calm and collected you seemed to be. We were so glad to get to spend a lot of time with you and Michael despite the craziness.

Annabel //

It’s so lovely to read back on these special posts isn’t it! I shared my whole wedding on the You & Your Wedding Forum days after I got married – I then removed it but I still have the report on my external drive at home. Might share a little from that too! I didn’t know Miss Pickering had done your flowers, she’s a floral genius that lady. Beautiful flowers too.
And you got married 2 days before my eldest little girls birthday 🙂