And I’m Feeling? Well, I’m Not Too Sure.

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

As I am coming in to the last few weeks of wedding planning, everything seems to be coming together. Looking back at all the Lists I wrote, everything has been ticked off. Of course there are still the odd jobs to do but Im not too worried. Im also not excited, and not particularly nervous. Is this normal? I feel as if I am just waiting for it to happen now.

Dont Tell The Bride style, I am going down to stay with my parents for the last 3 weeks and Michael is staying up North. Im hoping that it will make it a lot more special when we see each other, but I am also dreading the weeks apart, especially if he hasn’t completed his to-do list!!

Its all quite surreal, I feel that as a woman, the wedding day is the pinnacle, the best day of our lives…and right now, Im just concerned that I have a lot of ironing to do. Im hoping for a wave of realisation or that tummy sinking excited/nervous feeling but for the last few months I haven’t had it. Pourquoi?


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sarah //

Having three wks apart is such a lovely idea…you're going to get serious tummy jumps ahead of seeing Michael as well as wedding excitement…woo hoo! X