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facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe
Freshly engaged, surrounded by magazines, flooded with ideas and scraps of paper everywhere, my solution became my life, my Bible.
Armed with a Pritt Stick, pen and too many ideas I used this book to jot everything down. It contains cut outs of dresses, flowers, images of venues, colours, ideas, lists and anything else that caught my eye. It’s a treat for the eyes and exceptionally practical. I used the Bible when meeting with the florist, the venue coordinator, the bridal boutique, the hairdresser and well…anyone who would listen really.
I strongly suggest you get one. Mine was a gift from my mother who bought it from paperchase but you can buy them anywhere. It doesn’t even have to be wedding related, a simple ring binder will suffice. Get back to your school days. All you need is a pen, paper, PrittStick and your dreams…glitter glue optional.

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