Trying to plan a cruelty free wedding

facebook-profile-picture By Claire

I’m a vegetarian, and very big on living a cruelty free life. I don’t buy leather, all the products I buy are cruelty free and not tested on animals, and I always buy vegan products to try, on the hope I could one day transition.

Paddy is a big meat eater but still cares for animals and understands my view point. He has also started consuming a lot less meat in the past few years, and so have a lot of people close to us too. I’m keen to advocate cruelty free living in as many places as possible, and so the question is, is this possible at a wedding?

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Finding the dress.. The sequel.

As you can probably tell from my last post, shopping for my wedding dress was not a breeze. I had visions of me walking into a certain dress shop that I had been dreaming about visiting even long before I was engaged. I imagined instantly spotting a dress that I loved, trying it on and walking out to show my mum and girlfriends who were obviously all in tears like I had just won an oscar or something. In reality, it was nothing like that!Read More

New Aveda Tulasara Wedding Masque | UK Wedding Blog

As the masking obsession in beauty world continues, Aveda have decided to target the bridal marketRead More

– Thirty –

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

I have had the tab open on this blog post for 3 days. I knew I wanted to write something for my 30th but at the same time I was not quite ready to acknowledge it. I am now writing this at 22.17 on the 22nd February listening to Storm Doris making herself known. Am I ready to accept I am 30? Why is it even such a big deal to me? Read More

MEGATONE WEDDING | Wedding Dress Stress

MEGATONE WEDDING| Wedding Dress Stress

Wedding dress shopping is probably top of the ‘to do’ list for most newly engaged bride’s, for me it was the opposite. I struggled with being excited about going wedding dress shopping, everyone would say, bet you’re excited to go and try on dresses? How excited are you for next week when you go dress shopping? I would politely say ‘yeah, I can’t wait’, but in my head be thinking I really am not excited at all, I was more nervous and worried. I have never been a girly girl, my favourite colour has always been blue and growing up with an older and younger sister, and a dad who always wanted a son, I think this rubbed on to me. I would always be the one in my tracksuit when I was younger!  Planning the decorating, styling and organising the whole thing, getting to write endless lists….. that what I was excited about!

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a wonderfully laid back wedding in Cornwall | uk wedding blog

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Good morning! Ooooo pretty wedding alert! Kate’s gown is beautiful, the beading and back detailing is stunning. I loved putting this wedding together as the photos are not only beautifully shot but there are so many great images of the reception, I love the way Emma has captured the guests. She has captured how wonderfully happy and giddy everyone feels at a wedding (especially when all the serious bits are done). Beautiful wedding, congratulations Kate and Dan!

photography | Freckle Photography

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Win £500 of wedding stationery with de Winton Paper Co | uk wedding blog

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Oh my! I love love love when I get to run competitions on the blog especially when it is beautifully pretty paper. You may have seen this post on de Winton Paper Co, where I fell in love with all of Harriet’s gorgeous designs and now you can win your own stationery suite. I KNOW!!! Read More

The Top 5 Most Romantic Road Trips and the new honeymoon guide you should know about | UK WEDDING BLOG

facebook-profile-picture By Rebecca

If you’re planning your honeymoon, or even just a romantic trip away, there’s a new book you really should know about full of inspiration and handy info for travel lovers. The Honeymoon Handbook by Lonely Planet has just been released and it should form an essential planning tool for making your dream trip come true. If you’re not familiar with Lonely Planet {although I don’t think I know anybody who doesn’t own at least one of their travel guides}, they are the original travel gurus, the largest travel guide book publishers in the world that have multiple books on just about anywhere and everywhere. I’ve planned many a trip using their books and website. Read More

Why it’s always best to marry your partner in crime

facebook-profile-picture By Claire

I know this is a pretty obvious one, but if you’re not getting married to someone who knows every little thing about the way you work and will have your back no matter what, then you’re in for a tough time. Being engaged is probably going to be one of the most testing times in your relationship. Outsiders looking in (non-engaged, non-married outsiders) will no doubt be envious, dreaming of getting their day where their true love asks them to marry them, but realistically once you get over the ecstasy of the engagement, you’re in for a period of constant stress, planning, money worries, keeping people happy so much you forget to make yourselves happy, that it can be pretty difficult. Read More