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Sorry for the absence of real weddings/posts on here at the mo. Our blogging brides and Emily are doing a great job of ticking things over. I have a lot going on at the mo and sadly blogging has fallen to the wayside. I have taken on new projects, we have some family illness, my own illnesses and anxiety so I am just playing a little bit of catch up from the past couple of weeks. I think I have been OK at updating instagram, both SYGM and my personal one so hopefully you have been getting your SYGM fix (have you seen where Rebecca is right now?! Check our insta) Plus I have uploaded 3 vlogs in the past week. Over the past couple of years I have learnt to recognise when things are getting a little bit too much, one of the perils of being self employed is that you feel you have to do everything, when in actual fact, that is not true. I know you will say I don’t have to apologise but I know that you lovely lot come and invest your time in to SYGM so I just wanted to let you know where things were with me.

I will be back after the weekend though. Do not fear.

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We scrub up well..


Now that the bridal party have all been introduced, I can give you an idea about what they’re going to wear on the big day!

Callum and I have a confession, we broke one of the biggest rules of wedding planning! To be honest, it kind of just happened, even though it would be my worst nightmare as a Bridesmaid. I would also wager that a few of you brides (and most of your bridesmaids) will gasp in horror when you read this..

We bought all the Bridesmaids dresses and Groomsmen’s suits without consultation or sizes and they are all non refundable!Read More

False Eyelash Hacks – How To Successfully Apply Them! | UK Wedding Blog

I don’t think there’s anything women tell me they cannot do more than apply false lashes. As someone who does it on clients at least twenty times a week, every week, I promise you you can do it – you just need to know what lashes to choose, how to apply them and how to fit them to your eye shape.Read More


“Searching for the ideal honeymoon can be as useless as searching for meaning in a Pauly Shore movie.”

That was me, feeling confused, bewildered and misquoting Clueless, in the midst of our honeymoon search three months ago. What I had anticipated as a pleasurable task turned into an eternity spent browsing online, pricing-up options and tearing my hair out.Read More


After the Christmas and Valentines proposals the wedding industry hits big with wedding show’s/ fairs. Have you been to any? How did you find them? useful? I personally think a wedding show can be a great starting point for newly engaged couples, it will give you a great insight to all things weddings. It will make you think of things you didn’t even know you needed to organise or book and most importantly it will give you the opportunity to engage with potential wedding suppliers. You don’t have to go to every show you see advertised, pick a couple that suit you. I would pick two, a large one it could be a national one, these are great for inspirations, and nowadays most great wedding suppliers are willing to travel. Then pick a local one, one that will have a good amount of suppliers, and suppliers you know you want to see and possibly book. As a florist a wedding show / fair gives us the opportunity to showcase our work, couples can visual see, touch and smell the floral arrangements, we believe this is our best way of advertising to potential customers.

Read More

A year to go until we get married…

facebook-profile-picture By Claire
sunny yorkshire

My blog publishing day is a Monday, but I’m writing this on Friday 24th March as it’s exactly ONE YEAR TO GO until we get married! I’ve been nervously watching the weather for the whole of March to get validation of choosing our date at the right time, and it’s been a temperamental one to say the least!

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The male equivalent of a Bride tribe..

Emmerson, Matt, Callum, Elliot, Shaun, Dave, Simon and Rob.


Now you have met my ‘Bride Tribe’, you have to meet all of Callum’s Groomsmen!!! Luckily, I count this bunch of guys as not only Callum’s best friends but also my own. I love spending time with each and every one of them and am thrilled that they have agreed to be part of out day.

So here goes…Read More

New Clarins Hydra-Essentiel Skincare Range | UK Wedding Blog

Good morning! Time for some skincare newness from Clarins. The more Clarins products I try, the more I see they do skin so very well, and I feel the launches they continue to add to their extensive range always really understand what women want from their skincare – intelligent, effective, easy to understand products which aren’t super complicated but work well to deliver results. The newest range is Hydra Essentiel – 5 hydrating products for all skin types aimed at “thirsty skin” {ie. dehydrated} and anyone looking to boost radiance, glow as well as firmness and luminosity. Read More


The eponymous hero contemplated suicide in the second half of Shakespeare’s Hamlet and it was way less fun than when I contemplated a bunch of honeymoon options.Read More