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The Perfect Minimoon

With over 77% of newlyweds now choosing to go away for less than the traditional fortnight for their honeymoon, minimoons are the ideal option for a romantic short escape when time or budget is limited.  After the hectic period of preparation and planning the wedding, the relaxing quality time a luxury break provides is the perfect way to start your married life together.

There’s no need to compromise on luxury or romance when choosing the location for your perfect minimoon and the UK offers a surprising variety of beautiful breaks. Although it’s hard to choose, here’s a taster of the choice of minimoon destinations Cottage Gems has to offer for 2017 each with something unique or special about them…Read More

A little update | uk wedding blog

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

I am so sorry for the lack of posts lately, there has been quite a lot going on behind the scenes over the past few weeks. I launched my second lifestyle blog Simply Weekend there have been a few posts on there if you would like a little read. And I have had some personal troubles which has made blogging about the happy world of weddings a little harder than usual. But things will be resuming as of tomorrow with weddings and usual loveliness. Thankfully we have had our SYGM bride updates to give us our wedding fix.

Thank you all for being awesome as always though. You will want to be following the SYGM insta as we are going somewhere amazing this evening!

The penultimate blog!

The last week I can use this mug!


So this is my last blog post as Miss Helena Michael Hickey. This time next week I will be Mrs Helena Michael Hunter Wood! I have absolutely loved writing for So You’re Getting Married and am so disappointed that my time is drawing to a close.

Now, I am very weary of the fact that searching Instagram and Pinterest for wedding inspiration can be slightly misleading and very disheartening. It can suggest totally unattainable wedding goals! Decor goals! Dress goals! Diamond goals! There is this completely false facade of blissful periods of planning, harmonious decision making and a bottomless pit of money, which is in all honesty completely unrealistic. Or at least it was for Callum and I.Read More

Lipstick Favourites Update | Uk Wedding Blog

Buying a new lipstick is one of life’s best small pleasures. I probably own in the region of 120, but I have to say I’ve never countedRead More


It’s my hen-do on Saturday and I’m struggling to contain the excitement. After all, what could be better than getting all your favourite women together for a day of complete decadence?Read More

The juggling act

facebook-profile-picture By Claire

This post is in appreciation of all the women who carry on with their full time jobs, being mums, having a social life, getting fit and still manage to plan a wedding. It really is a juggling act when it comes to wedding planning, as life doesn’t stop to give you a break to plan and organise the biggest day of your life, so it really can be difficult to take the time to give planning a wedding the attention it deserves.

Read More

I love Callum like Bruce loves Chocolate Cake!


Now I know that I have already filled you in on most of the food and drink details however I skipped one key part. Possibly the most important meal of the day. The thing Kate Spade encourages us all to eat for breakfast… CAKE (or dessert!)Read More

Armani Power Fabric Foundation Review | UK Wedding Blog

I already know this is going to be a popular post because Armani’s Power Fabric has been the soft foundation launch of the last 4 months – full coverage foundations are always big hitters in beauty world, because flawless skin is what we all want right? Read More


It suddenly seems like time is slipping away at a rate of knots and I can’t keep up. We had less than a year to plan our wedding but now we have only 12 weeks before we’ll be on the brink of matrimony. The whole thing feels like a very real, exciting thing bobbing on the not-too-distant horizon.Read More