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As you may have read on twitter (due to copious amounts of moaning) I have been a bit off colour lately. With various trips a l’hôpital I am now much better. Quick note to say “thank you NHS”.

Various things have kept me sane over this time, most of my sanity was found in food. But there will always be the little things that cheer up even the damned of days…

Goes without saying (Source)

Clean Sheets

It’s nearly run out, so time for a new bottle!


My Best Friend
Dandie Dinmonts

Floral Gums

My Twitter Addiction

Do you have little things that you turn to? Are mine peculiar? 

Hay You!

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Im not sure if we can get away with hay bales at a wedding in the North? It’s eco-friendly, very cheap and reusable. Obviously one couldn’t throw some hay bales in to a country manor and ask everyone to take their seats, but if you having some form of outdoor, countryside related wedding then do it. Then invite me. I’ve never sat on a hay bale. 






The Fake Tan Quandary

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Bride Wars

This topic shouldn’t be taken lightly. To fake tan or not for your wedding day? Should THE most important day of your life be marred by the scent of eau de fake tan? 

Just don’t do it. Especially if you have a wedding from September through to May. Pale and interesting will always look beautiful compared to tinge de l’orange. Only do it if you can guarantee that you will look naturally bronzed, that it wont rub off on dress and that you wont look back in your photos and think “why the eff “.

If you don’t usually fake tan, why would you do it for your wedding day? Yes you may not want to look washed out and pale, but you could just exfoliate, body buff then apply Benefit’s Bathina. Think glowing. If you feel you REALLY have to, use Garnier’s summer body…just one coat, it does what it says on the tin.

SO are you fake tanning for your wedding? Let me know if you did and what your thoughts were.

PS – wasn’t the Royal Wedding magical?!

If I Were Getting Married In Yorkshire…

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…I would have the following suppliers to make my day wonderful, unique and fabulous. I often think about “doing my wedding over” and how it would be different. It’s the same groom of course. 

First of all, the venue

Harewood House

HazelWood Castle

Castle Howard

The dress would most definitely be from Dresses at Number 9

My headpiece would be from Jane at HF Couture 

The flowers would be by Leafy Couture

My photographer would be James Melia or Cat Hepple

Stationery by I am Nat

My cake would be by my uncle (Lincolnshire is close enough)

And I would have my original wedding band Maslow because they were outstanding.

On writing this post I realised there was so much to choose from. Yorkshire is filled to the brim with fantastic suppliers for any type of wedding and it would be a wonderful place to get married. After all, everyone loves plentiful green landscapes of rolling hills. Flat-caps and whippets are optional.


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Can you guess the confectionary inspiration for this mood board? Yes, ’twas some mini eggs. They are addictive. Also, there aren’t enough in a bag, I’m not being glutinous, I am just merely stating that they aren’t really are sharing (bingeing) bag. 

Did you all have a lovely weekend? Are you getting royal wedding fever? Bunting-a-go-go!

Natalie In Wonderland

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Holly Booth Photography

Her tag line says it all…”i make stuff look pretty“. And does she ever! The website is beautiful and her commissioned pieces are exquisite…so here she is.

Name: Natalie Ramsell
Twitter: @i_r_nat

Bit of a background on you:

I’m from South Africa – I moved over to the UK when I was 11, so have unfortunately lost my accent now. Who knew it would be more acceptable later on in life to be different? I want my accent back.

I’m just about to finish my masters in graphic design at the University of Derby, I can’t WAIT! When I’m finished, I will be moving up to good old Yorkshire where I can make a proper start at my little business.

Background on your business:

I only launched in January this year and the response has been overwhelming. The predominant style is retro/vintage inspired. I love all things quirky and really just want to offer a service with a difference.

I am absolutely loving the wedding industry, I have met some amazing people, including my brides! I design a whole range of products including all wedding stationery (invites, place cards, rsvps, order of service, seating plans etc) and I’m also doing quite a bit of design for wedding suppliers’
various businesses.

Wall Planner

Where do you get your inspiration from:

I lose hours on end of my life just looking at pretty stuff, mostly on the internet. Blogs, sites such as pintrest and so on. Literally hours of my life – gone – but not wasted! I am really inspired by people’s visions and passions too; seeing as all of my work is bespoke, this is probably my most important source of inspiration!

Most memorable creation you have done:

It has to be the wedding stationery I have done for a couple who are having an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding. Not only was it the first wedding I’ve worked on, but people seem to crazy about it too.

What’s the usual turnaround time on stationery? 

This is a really difficult question to answer as it depends solely on the intricacy of the design. I usually do a few designs and send them off to the couple who then choose which they like best and let me know if anything needs changing. I then need all the details to fit on to the invites, rsvps and any information cards, and if they are all being personalised, I need all of the guest names too. Once all of this has been done, everything gets sent over for the couple’s approval – once artwork is signed off, it goes to the printers who then send me proofs to send onto the couple to make sure they are completely satisfied with everything; once I get the go ahead, everything goes to print and then gets finished by hand. So, to answer the question, I’d say at least a few weeks for invites.

Cat Hepple Photography

Cat Hepple Photography / Flowers -Leafy Couture

A Quick Q & A

Favourite Colour:

Eek! Probably some kind of purple…I love the colour of orchids.

Favourite Film:

This is a really hard one…my fave film of the moment is called The Fall. It’s beautiful.

Favourite Song:

Counting Crows – Mr. Jones and also Foo Fighters – Everlong

Favourite Month:

In South Africa it was November – my birthday, but here in the UK, I’m gunna go with…August, festivals month for me!

Favourite Drink:

Tea and also…Mojitos

Favourite Food:

Baked camembert with a crusty baguette and caramalised onion…or just cheese!

Favourite Word:

I say ‘actually’ far too often. I like the word treacle.

Favourite Perfume:

D&G Light Blue

Favourite Book:

The only book I’ve ever read more than once is Can You Keep a Secret? By Sophie Kinsella

Favourite Quote from a Film:

“I hate the way I don’t hate you. Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.” – 10 Things I Hate About You.

Shall We Take Tea?

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Source – The Wedding Of My Dreams

Taking tea is ever so British. Along with our awful teeth and sense of irony, it is what we are known for. Incorporating it into a wedding is simple, whether its using tea cups with a single bloom, using old tea tins as vases or giving personalised tea as favours. Although it has been done, I don’t think we will ever tire of vintage china at a wedding. So shall we? 

The Vintage Teacup Hire Company (Photographer) (Flowers)

The Vintage Teacup Hire Company (Photographer) (Flowers)

The Vintage Teacup Hire Company (Photographer) (Flowers)

The Vintage Teacup Hire Company (Photographer) (Flowers)

The Vintage Teacup Hire Company (Photographer) (Flowers)

The Vintage Teacup Hire Company (Photographer) (Flowers)

Source – SimplyBloom Photography
Who wouldn’t want to sit in a giant teacup at their wedding?!

Oh Mia!

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Name: Debbie Buck  – Mia Rose Tiaras & Jewellery
Twitter: @ Mia_Rose_Tiaras
Bit of a background on you:
I’m on the wrong side of 30, a happily married lady, a mum to 3 gorgeous children and I’ve come to realise that I’m a total wedding junkie!  It’s a good job I started my own business in an industry I absolutely adore!  I have been a sales manager and customer service manager for a number of years and feel that I can offer a personalised service to my brides, at a time when they are anxious about every last detail. 

Background on your business:
 I started Mia Rose because I am passionate about weddings, and I want to be able to provide brides with a service they can trust.  I have items ranging from £5.99 up to £100.00 and try my best to provide designs that are not only beautiful, but affordable – especially in this budget conscious climate.  My style ranges from contemporary to a truly vintage feel with a bespoke service available for brides who would like something creating totally unique to them.
What is your favourite piece?
Ooooh, it’s hard to choose!  I recently made a bespoke tiara band for a bride who is getting married in Greece and wanted a Grecian inspired design.  So she asked me to re-style her a double banded version of the ‘Leah’ tiara. It made me wonder why I designed it as a single band in the first place – it turned out beautifully and the lady I design it for loved it too!

Where does your inspiration come from? 
I am a typical Libran – I love the finer things in life….the beautiful things! Everybody loves a little sparkle from time to time, but I also am a firm believer in ‘Less is More’ – I try to design my items with a feel of understated elegance and so far this is proving very favourable with my clients.
Advice to brides about selecting their headpiece, any tips or things to remember?
I guess there are lots of things to bear in mind when choosing a tiara or hair accessory and I recently did an editorial on this subject which I hope helps prospective brides.  It’s here 
on my website.

Anything else you’d like to add?
I am constantly listening to what brides want and keeping my eyes on what styles are influencing the bridal industry.  Most recently, and in collaboration with my lovely friend Margaret of, I am and delighted and excited about the forthcoming launch of ‘Fusion’, a collection of beautiful vintage style veils, featuring birdcage designs with exquisite adornments.   2011 has already got off to a great start, and I am looking forward to what else the year and beyond has to bring.
I am committed to exceptional customer service and attention to detail.   I am thrilled to have 100% positive feedback from my brides and want to attain that feedback every single time I despatch an order.  What sets Mia Rose apart from its competitors?  That’s simple…’s the quality of our service and customer satisfaction – we specialise in making brides happy!

A Quick Q & A
Favourite Colour: Green
Favourite Film: Forrest Gump
Favourite Song: The Forrest Gump Suite, Alan Silvestri
Favourite Month: June
Favourite Drink: A cool sparkling shandy (oh yes, I’m Charlie bigtime!)
Favourite Food: Cheese, Pate & a stick of French bread
Favourite Word: Fabulous!
Favourite Perfume: Miss Dior Cherie or Naughty Alice – Vivienne Westwood
Favourite Book: Many, many autobiography’s
Favourite Quote from a Film: “She makes me want to be a better person” – Jack Nicholson – As Good As It Gets

Such beautiful pieces by Debbie, pop on over to her website to view more photos and advice when choosing your headpiece.  What girl wouldn’t want some sparkle for her wedding day? (or any other day for that matter)

I Didn’t Know You Can Read

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The title is not meant to be facetious, it is a quote from one of my favourite films. Do you know which one? (Elizabeth if you are reading this you are not allowed to take part). An honourary mention in my next blog post if you get it right. 

I love books, I love the smell of new text books and the feel of old ones. I wish I had had some at my wedding, alas, I shall just throw this idea on to any discerning bride in the hope that she puts a literary note on her day. 

We have some exciting news in the Miller household as of this afternoon, I can’t share yet, but I shall, and it is worth the wait.

So what is your favourite book? And do you often have hydrangeas on your bedside table? 


Sans Tra La La

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I have always been a more is   more kind of girl. But sometimes its wonderful to see the quieter side of the spectrum. Just sometimes. And besides, not everyone feels the need to embellish everything. I read the phrase ‘sans tra la la’ here, and I shall be investigating. But for now, images of wedding serenity.

Style Me Pretty

Style Me Pretty
Jenny Packham

Vintage Amethyst
Style Me Pretty


Vintage Amethyst

So what do you think? Avec Tra La La ou Sans Tra La La?