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Sadly this post is not about the brilliant arcade game, but about jewellery. Until you get engaged, you aren’t really aware of people looking at your hands. But they do. They look at the ring. Then on your wedding day, people spend it wanting to see your same hand, but with the addition of a wedding band. Its bizarre. But its true. So why not put something beautiful on your other hand? It probably feels left out…



Lola Rose

Lola Rose

Monica Vinader

Monica Vinader


Vivienne Westwood

Annina Vogel

So much prettiness for one blog post really! Will you be wearing Bambi on your wedding day?

Five Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me | uk wedding blog

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To start off this week, I thought I would tell you five things about myself. All you see on twitter, is my charming persona but like everyone I have certain skills, traits, talents or flaws that not everyone knows about…
1) I suffer from panic attacks – usually relating to travelling.
2) I can get both my legs over my head. Don’t ask me to do this when drunk. I get stuck.
3) The feel of terracotta makes me wretch.
4) My father worked on the only flying Lancaster in Europe. (plane geeks will know that it’s a pretty big deal). You know, the big one that flew over during the Royal Wedding.
5) I listen to a Harry Potter audiobook every night to fall asleep.
There you go! Feel free to share your own. Or just leave a random cyptic comment. Both is good.
Did you watch the Grand Prix? My goodness it was good. There will be some pretty previews of the mini photo shoot I took part in on Saturday on the blog this week, along with usual wedding loveliness.

Lavender’s Blue

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…dilly dilly, lavender’s green. When I am King, dilly dilly, you shall be Queen. 

Here’s a DIY on how to make your own lavender cordial. Add to gin with a splash of lemonade.
  • 200g sugar
  • About 50g fresh lavender blooms, stripped from their stems
  • 1-2 freshly squeezed lemons, strained.


Make a simple syrup by combining the sugar with 500mls of water in a saucepan and boil until the sugar dissolves, it takes roughly about 1 minute.

Remove from heat, add the lavender blooms and cover. Let stand for 1 hour, or up to 4 hours.

Strain syrup and discard lavender

Decant in to a beautiful vintage bottle (or any odd one you can find)

Turquoise Tuesday

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Something turquoise for a grey drizzly Tuesday. I am meant to be on holiday and currently sulking. We still have a flat tyre and there appears to be no sunshine forecast. Rachel was meant to be taking the blog but is under the weather. Send her some love @rachelswedding. 

Where can I buy lavender oil/essence? I want to make these…

One Photo Friday

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My first ‘takeover’ post and as it’s nice and sunny out there, I won’t bore you with words – it’s ‘One Photo Friday’.

It’s from the Marchesa Autumn 2011 collection.

I’m having grey as one of my wedding theme colours. I want this…


Guest bloggers are the new black…

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Just so you know, I’m wearing my best dress and new shoes while I write this – it feels like my first day at a new job and I have to impress the boss!

I’m Rachel and I’ll be blogging from Leeds on behalf of Phoebe next week while she goes off on her travels. Every blogger deserves a holiday so I will be stepping into her (high heeled) shoes and making sure you don’t miss out on wonderful wedding pretty in her absence.

So a bit about me – I’m getting married next July and currently in full ‘planning’ flow. That’s if you call ‘having loads of plans but not quite sure how to put them into action’, full flow! I am a sucker for ideas. I am an advertiser’s dream. Show me something pretty, classic and unique and the chances are I’ll want it. I’m going to end up with so many ideas for my wedding, I might as well get married in a circus. It’s (usually) Phoebe’s job to give me a kick to either a) concentrate or b) start doing things! I have to confess that I don’t always listen. Goodness only knows why she’s letting me loose on her blog. But this week, I will try to be logical and reign in my thoughts but sometimes the best ideas come from the most random of beginnings so come along, pour yourself a cocktail, grab a slice of cake and join in.

I’d love to read your comments, see your suggestions or say hi on twitter – I’m @rachelswedding. You can also read about more of my wedding planning over on my blog ‘The White Diary’.

And, of course, in true ‘So You’re Getting Married Style’ style, here’s a few fun facts about me:

A Quick Q & A

Favourite Colour: Yellow

Favourite Film: Breakfast At Tiffanys

Favourite Song: Michael Buble – Some Kind Of Wonderful

Favourite Month: July

Favourite Drink: Chocolate milk

Favourite Food: Cake

Favourite Perfume: SJP – Lovely

Favourite Book: David Nicholls – One Day

Rachel xx

DIY – Flower Ice Cubes

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Pretty and practical. Perfect for a summer wedding or cocktails on the veranda. Here’s the how-to…


Do your research, you cant just eat any old flower…

Wash the flower, submerge it in the water in your ice cube tray and voila! Easy. Personal favourites are Lavender, Borage, Elderberry and Sugar snaps.