One Photo Friday

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A photo not relating to weddings…I find the colours sensational. Although her watermark is terribly obtrusive.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, I hope its migraine free, full of romance and delicious meals a plenty. Its the weekend, live a little!


Paper Cut

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Sorry for lack of blog post yesterday. I was struck down with a mighty migraine. Those of you that suffer will know that they can put you out for the count for quite sometime and right now I still have that “fuzzy” feeling. Thank goodness for Zomig (if you suffer, get on these – amazing).

Today I bring you paper prettiness from someone I stumbled across on Not On The High Street, then found her on Twitter. I fell for her when I saw the above image, as the lyrics are from one of my favourite songs. Now I know that most people will prefer the Iron and Wine one, however…I like The Postal Service version…don’t judge. For readers hoping for a Linkin Park reference…here you go.

Kyleigh has a background in print and digital design, she is also one of these wonder women who balances work, a husband and motherhood. I hope you enjoyed her paper cuts, she has now ventured in to wedding invites which are featured below. So pretty!

Visit her shop here. She also has a lovely blogSend her some love on twitter @kyleigh

Currently Loving

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Its that time again when I bore inform you of what I am currently loving. This time its quite eclectic, I wouldn’t say I have a style, or live my life a certain way…but if you feel you can sum it up in three words then feel free to partake in the comment box. More people should leave comments, I know you’ve read it…my stats tell me so. (Hello Croatia) Anyway…

If you haven’t had this elderflower liqueur; you haven’t lived. Fact. 
I can now talk to my friends abroad, who I miss dearly. Hey Lindsay! (Cheesy)

Balmy, rainy nights with the promise of thunder lingering in the air
My daily pro-biotic – I don’t know if they work, but psychologically I think they are doing something

Van Cleef and Arpels – Feerie, smells like violets – heaven.  Downside is that bees like it too.

I heart Pinterest. 

Loving allllll of this


It goes without saying…I ALWAYS love puppies

What are you currently loving?

Beautiful Cakes

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Aren’t these pretty?! They are the creation of Holly at Mimosa Bakery. She has a special place in my heart as she is based in my home town of Stamford. This post doesn’t really require words…just look. 

 Holly’s website can be found here…enjoy!

A Top The Cake

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When I was planning my wedding, I was 100% sure I wanted love birds on the top of my 3 tiered wedding cake because look; they are adorable 

But after seeing Miss Pickering’s designs, I was then 100% sure I wanted flowers similar to my bouquet, which I did have..voila

But now, after flicking through Pinterest…I want these…sad face. Too late. Someone else use them!

They can be found here, as are all the other cake toppers actually. Good ol’ Etsy. 

One Photo Friday

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It seems that a lot of my One Photo Friday posts revolve around dresses, this is a mere coincidence and I promise next Friday to mix it up for you…or perhaps I should take submissions?

I usually don’t post on a weekend, but there will be one on Saturday as I found something that I wanted to share. I’m good like that.

I hope you all have a lovely weekend, it’s meant to be warm…we shall see. 

Laced With Lace

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I love lace; its delicate appearance, feel and intricate pattern looks beautiful against most backdrops. Although I have never seen it wrapped around a tree before,I wish more people would, perhaps a community project? Although there have been many a blog post about lace dresses after the Royal Wedding, here are a few more ideas on how lace can feature…

Happy Daddy’s Day! | uk wedding blog

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The most important day of a father’s life after we are born is this moment…
Daddy, you’re someone to look up to no matter how tall I’ve grown.
Happy Fathers Day