♥ Boris & Doris ♥

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There are 3 reasons why I am already in love with Boris and Doris…

1) I love the name Boris, it is on my list of dog names ( I named this cushion Boris in the mean time…)

2) They used fruit sherbets in one of their photos
3) Its all so ruddy pretty!

So here is a bit about Boris and Doris

Boris and Doris are Briony and James. We’re both in our late twenties, met in London and have moved to Kent to be nearer to pretty pubs and parks. We have designed a range of invitations and are currently creating other stationery such as bunting, message tree cards, place cards, and thank you cards.

Boris & Doris started out as a sketch on a napkin on a summer’s day, as Briony and James were picnicking with friends. We had been asked to design a friend’s wedding stationery, and created our first collection. We enjoyed it so much, that we decided to take the plunge and start up Boris & Doris. We’ve never looked back, and have loved creating beautiful designs over tea and cake.

Our inspiration

Briony loves looking at vintage fabrics and dresses, reading wedding blogs (particularly ones with a 1950s or country garden theme), and can’t resist anything which is floral or kitsch. James has the difficult job of turning Briony’s pretty ideas into an invitation.

An unusual fact about Boris and Doris

Briony – I own over 400 pairs of knickers (another weakness – I can’t resist buying any which are floral, heart covered, or kitsch) and theme them to what I’m doing in the day!

James – I have a big weakness for trying new cheeses and always pick some up wherever we go. Our fridge usually has at least seven different types in!

Website: http://www.borisanddoris.co.uk

Twitter: www.twitter.com/Boris_and_Doris

Facebook: Boris and Doris laser cut invitations and cards

Email: enquiries@borisanddoris.co.uk

Our current special offer is free personalisation on all of our invitations. Your names, initials or text of your choice can be included in the laser cutting on the front of the card at no extra cost. There is also a 10% discount when mentioning this blog when ordering.

Q & A time…

Favourite Colour: Pink! I (Briony) can’t resist buying any kitchen items in pink, although since moving in with James I’ve had to curb this (only a bit!).

Favourite Film: Briony: I’m slightly ashamed to say it’s the completely fluffy, but lovely, Legally Blonde.
James: Napoleon Dynamite “because it’s when ski boots came back into fashion”.

Favourite Song: Le Vie en Rose, Louis Armstrong (when James finally gets around to proposing, this will be our first dance song). For something a bit less slushy, CSS, Foals or Two Door Cinema Club, LCD Soundsystem.

Favourite Month: July – Summer holidays and picnics!

Favourite Drink: A good cup of tea!

Favourite Food: Cheese! We have a big weakness for trying new cheeses and always pick some up wherever
we go. Our fridge usually has at least seven different types in!

Favourite Word: Kerfuffle

Favourite Book: Best in Show, the Leon Cookbooks, anything with a pink cover or with a wedding theme.

I don’t even know if its possible, but I now want pretty laser cut business cards. Head over to their website and place an order for their beautiful stationery now! Remember to mention the blog, and I will give you a high five…through twitter. 

Cupcake Schmupcake

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There’s more out there. When will we move away from ruddy cupcakes? I’m bored now. 

There are other options you know? Par example…

Whilst I’m on it, may we please also move away from Alice in Wonderland and roses in teacups. Thank you. 

Les Fleurs

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Some floral inspiration for centre pieces and bouquets….enjoy!

One Photo Friday

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Source – Yfrog

It had to be really didn’t it? In a week full of despair, it’s so heart-warming to know that the social media the politicians were criticising can round up people to do something like this. Beautiful. 

I hope you all have a riot free weekend. I myself have a BBQ and a dinner party, neither of which I have to cook for. Bliss. 

Grellow Or Yeey?

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…Either way. Grey and Yellow is lovely. Here’s a mood board in case you don’t believe me…

On the blog tomorrow is a beautiful bridal shoot from America. I hope that you are all safe and well. And I hope it all stops soon. 

Sources here and here

Quintessentially British

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It was only a matter of time before a mood board like this popped up…

Vintage Suitcases 
Deer Head
Map of the British Isles
Tweed Prince of Wales jacket – Holland Cooper
Handbag – Mulberry
Necklace – Links of London
Tweed sporting jacket – Holland Cooper
Shooting painting 
Boots – Dubarry
Signet Ring
Dress – Jenny Packham
Vintage pearl necklace
Sofa – Chesterfield

One Photo Friday

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Although this Friday, it’s more than one photo (lucky). 

A while ago, I was perusing through a lot of the American blogs, and I saw a small trend occurring…animals in engagement and wedding photos. Now this trend seems to have filtered its way over here and I am all for this. I wanted my dogs at the wedding. Michael said no. 






I didn’t even know cats could walk obediently? Will you be having any animals at your wedding? Peacocks? Dogs? Unicorns?

Fools Gold

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I am a fool for anything gilded with gold. Especially when its contrasted with beautiful shades of green or blue. From a vintage Dior dress to golden stag wallpaper. This colour combination always looks sumptuous and elegant. 

Sources here

A Happy Birthday | uk wedding blog

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As you are all whisking your way to a fabulous party, I didn’t see the point in writing a  very in depth blog post. So instead I have decided to dedicate this post to my sister as it’s her birthday today. She is a mighty 22. I remember celebrating her 10th in Disneyland as if it were yesterday.

Happy Birthday!!

Here’s your pony…