Does My Bum Look Big In This?

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How involved should the Groom be? After all, he is one half of the whole. I asked Michael to answer a few questions about our day and what his thoughts were. Perhaps I should have done this during our planning process? Quel domage.
How were you feeling leading up to the wedding day? How much input did you have?

Leading up to the day I wasn’t really worried, I knew everything was under control. I was very much looking forward to it. The only frustrations came from family members and money issues. As for input. It was rather minimal but I asked for it to be that way. I wanted to be more involved but rapidly realised that my contributions were a month behind where Phoebe was at. Due to working full time, I couldn’t give it as much attention that I would have liked.
What was the morning of the wedding like?

I was excited, I woke up before my alarm, and I was ready to get in to it. I had a lot to do in the morning. Organising my ushers, odd jobs at the church, making sure everyone knew their jobs for the rest of the day. It was hard graft and stressful, but as soon as I got to the church, and as soon as people started to arrive, I calmed down. Only to get worried again when Phoebe was ten minutes late…
What was your favourite part of the whole day?
It’s hard to choose one specific part but seeing Phoebe in her dress was indescribable.

The day after…

I was gutted it was all over. It was the best day of my life, I loved being the centre of attention and talking to so many people that I hadn’t seen in a long time. The morning after was bizarre, I felt excited. It was like the feelings I had when I first met Phoebe, I felt a new loyalty towards her, like we were our own team now.

So how much involvement do you think a groom should have?
They should be involved in the main things like the guest list, venue etc but a lot of men realise that a wedding it mainly run by the woman. This however doesn’t mean that we don’t want to be involved, we just don’t realise it until we are given choices. I had no opinion of flowers, ribbon and favours until Phoebe came to me and asked for it. So I guess just giving us more visibility and opportunities to be involved even if you think we may not care about it would be great. 
Because I was involved in the planning I could enjoy the day and see all the touches that Phoebe had put on it. But because I didn’t select everything there was the sense of discovery and seeing it all put together was so much better than I could have imagined. Phoebe did a fantastic job. 

Final tips for grooms?

Make sure you pay attention to what’s important to your fiancee. Because when you do get asked for your opinion and you say you don’t really mind it’s not helpful and an extra stress for her to deal with. Its the exact same answer you give to the “does my bum look big in this?” saying she looks “fine” will have the same impact as saying you don’t really mind.

Just keep calm and think of the wedding night…

A Quick Q & A

Favourite Colour – Blue

Favourite Film – Hard one…How to tame your dragon.

Favourite Song –  The Fray – Enough for now

Favourite Month – April

Favourite Drink – Mojito 

Favourite Food – Lobster Thermadore

Favourite Word – Amazing

Favourite Perfume – Ralph Lauren Black

Favourite Book – Shogun – James Clavell

Favourite Quote – Respect isn’t given, its earnt

See here for how well (cough) I did.

Knowing Me…Knowing You | uk wedding blog

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe
Mr Michael Miller

Tomorrow’s post will feature my other half. He will be expressing his views on marriage, his feelings before and after the wedding and things that he thinks the groom should (and should not!) be involved in when it comes to the planning.

As you know, I always do a “Quick Q & A” after guest posts. I shall endeavor to answer them how I think Michael will. As we have been together for over five years, you would think this would be easy…
A Quick Q & A
Favourite Colour – Blue
Favourite Film – He will find it hard to choose, but perhaps Lord of The Rings?

Favourite Song – Something lame by The Fray

Favourite Month – It better be November

Favourite Drink – Mojito

Favourite Food – Steak

Favourite Word – Awesome? He uses it a lot.

Favourite Perfume – Ralph Lauren Black

Favourite Book – The Japanese One, Shotgun or something

Favourite Quote – The one about respect. I don’t know it verbatim

Feel free to play this game at home, although you may not blame me for the consequences.

Green With Envy?

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I think I have said before that I love this colour. I find it calming, serene and dreamy. I like to accompany it with grey. Well, I like to accomapny everything with grey. Have you noticed that? And perhaps ivory. Or gold? 





Laduree of course



I am getting an iPad. See how I tied that in to the title? 

Currently Loving…

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It’s the little things in life that make me smile. Last night Michael asked me what three things make me happy. At the time I could only come up with puppies (he wasn’t surprised either). Although most of my happiness stems from making other people happy, if I were going to be totally materialistic about it then the following things are bringing a lot of happiness into my life right now. And, they can all be bought. Win. 
Bought for me by my best friend (The Independent seal of approval)

The Goddess Experience – Gisele Scanlon

Lily of the Valley and Tulips from Miss P

The smell of spring in the air

A cup of tea

So what’s currently making you happy? And it has to be something that can be bought. Lets live in the shallow end for a while. 

I Once Knew A Pig Called…

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Blossom. Sometimes wedding inspiration can come in all forms. Today I was wishing for spring and the blooms that accompany it. This delicate pink compliments a variety of colours from sultry greys and browns to vivacious lime green and sky blue. All you need to do is look for it…not long now

Perfect for this grey friday.

If I were having a party…

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

…this is where I would want it. Civilised and what not. This song would be playing and we would all have a wonderful time. Flights to America anyone?

This fabulous shoot was put together by the very talented Kevin Milz PhotographyErin McLean EventsTre Bella Flowers, and was held at The Stock Room event venue in Raleigh, North Carolina. Rentals by CE Rental

Going Grey

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Grey is an odd colour, but can be so elegant and beautiful. I wasn’t sure whether to have taupe or grey at my own wedding, so I had both. Greedy indeed. Accompany this portentous colour with blush pink, mint green or pale violet for utter wedding elegance.








Cake Week Results

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A massive thank you to everyone who participated in Cake Week. It was an absolute pleasure blogging about some of the most fantastic cakes I have ever seen! 
Something that you may not know about me is that I come from a history of bakers. My uncles took over my grandfather’s bakery business after he died. They now have bakeries across east Lincolnshire. They in fact made my wedding cake for me. So you’d think it may come naturally? Well, I have learnt that although it looks easy, it most certainly is not. I reckon I would need at least four to five more attempts to get the icing right (I also need to find a larger nozzle). So would I make my own wedding cupcakes? No.

The rigmarole of practicing, failing, practising some more then actually making the cupcakes that would adorn my wedding is not only time consuming, but costly. I’d most definitely leave it to the professionals. I think this is something that you can’t DIY. It’s something that deserves love and affection to be poured over it, and that could only come from someone with the experience and the passion.

The cupcakes tasted delicious, the sponge was delectable and the icing wasn’t too bad. But looks wise, its no piece of art.
(no matter how many roses I put near it)

So are you still thinking of doing your own wedding cake?

Afternoon Delight

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

I know, cake week is over. But just one more. There is always room for more!

Name: Samia Mazhar

Bit of a background on you:
I have been married to my wonderful husband Arfan for 4 years and love him hopelessly.  We reside in lovely Surrey for over 3 years, however we are northerners at heart !
My home town is in Harrogate North Yorkshire I am very close to my family and call them everyday! My brother resides in sunny California and my sister lives in Halifax she has 2 little girls, I adore my two nieces Alisha and Deeyanah to bits and they are always my little helpers when it comes to cupcakes!
I graduated doing Graphics Art and Design and worked as a graphic designer for some time before I set up Vanilla Cake Shop. With a lot of support from my family and friends, I now have a successful business and am loving every minute of being a cake decorator!

Background on your business, costs, style etc:
I am a big perfectionist and take a lot of pride in my work, ensuring all my cakes are looking perfect before they are delivered and set up at the venue. My ultimate goal is to make sure my clients are happy with the service being provided to them.
My cake designs are couture and very elegant, in keeping with current wedding fashion and trends, many have been featured in many popular wedding magazines and blogs.
Clients are invited to a cake tasting consultation, which also involves going through all of their ideas and requirements. A lot of time is spent understanding what my clients are looking for in their dream wedding cake.
There are a variety of choice, such as classical and contemporary tiered cakes, miniature cakes and cupcakes. Offering intricate piping, exquisite handcrafted flowers and all finished with close attention to detail. 
Cakes are baked fresh, using quality ingredients such as Free-range eggs, Madagascar vanilla extract and rich Belgian chocolates. Organic ingredients are also used where possible.
Prices start from £350 for a 3 tier cake.
Favourite flavour of cake/cupcake/pastry:
For cakes I am a die hard chocaholic! It has to be our Rich chocolate torte cake with chocolate Belgian ganache filling.
For cupcakes I love our Red velvet with cream cheese frosting.
Most memorable wedding creation you have done:
My first red velvet 3 tier cake. What made is memorable was the bride Carolanne. she was so open to suggestions and really lovely. She made a beautiful bride and loved the cake. I also got a lovely thank you note from her, it was simply precious.
Every time I think about her I smile J
Advice to brides about selecting their cake, any tips or things to remember?
The wedding cake is an extremely important component in your special day and therefore must not be overlooked. All of my cakes have been put center stage in the reception hall and they therefore become a focal point. Guests approach it, have their pictures taken next to it, the bride and groom also have their memorable pictures of cutting the cake.
You must decide on a budget and the theme of your cake and then find a cake decorator who will meet your requirements.  You will be able to tell a lot about a cake decorator by doing your research and visiting their website. Also remember that you should always book a consultation to taste your favourite flavours and discuss your ideas.
Good cake decorators will have display cakes showcased to inspire you during your consultation. Be sure to ask home based cake decorators if they have passed a health and hygiene course and had their kitchen inspected, they should show you paperwork.
I must stress that making a wedding cake takes a lot of time and effort which is sometimes reflected on the price.
If you are looking for that amazing wedding cake, you have to put aside at least £500 aside for it.
Yes some high street shops do beautiful, cheap wedding cakes. But if you are looking for something unique and a design which has not been used and recognised by everyone, you must see a cake specialist.
Do you have any advice you are willing to share for budding bakers?
You have to be very pro-active, grab every opportunity which comes your way and enjoy every moment of it.
This business is not a 9 to 5 job with weekends off. As a matter of fact, weekends are usually the busiest! I am working 10 hours a day doing administrative duties, promoting and marketing the business networking with wedding suppliers the list is endless. I love doing it!
You must persevere, practice all the time be open to learn new things and don’t ever be afraid to ask anyone for help or advice. I have met some lovely people in this industry who have helped and supported me.
Most of all you must be passionate about baking and cake making, it is so much fun you will love it!

A Quick Q & A
Favourite Colours: Plum tones, Ivory and White
Favourite Film: Tough choice between Serendipity and Sweet Home Alabama
Favourite Song:  She will be loved (Maroon 5 )
Favourite Month: July
Favourite Drink: Pepsi
Favourite Food: Chinese (Hot and sour soup)
Favourite Word: Gosh!
 Favourite Perfume: Clinique Happy and Anna Sui
Favourite Book: Anything cake related
Favourite Quote from a Film: ——– Don’t know any L

Rich Romance with VR Wedding Design

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Todays blog brings you the work of VR Wedding Design, they have submitted a wonderful valentines themed mood board along with a competition to win your very own inspiration board. Read on!

So who are VR Wedding Design?

Having both planned our very own dream BIG days, we realised we both shared the same passion for weddings; from fab photographers to scrummy cakes, gorgeous stationery to beautiful blooms, you name it we love it. We really do ♥ everything wedding related and thought what better way to spend our days than doing a job we both adore.

As well as us both loving all the fluffy elements of weddings, we also have separate attributes which combine to make a hell of a team – well we think so anyway. Vicki is one mean organiser making lists about lists, whereas Rachel revels in the task of searching for all those unique ideas. Being Midlands based we are able to cover quite a vast area; from Derby to Oxford, Northampton to Worcester and all those little places in between.

To check out the packages we offer and how we work with you, head over to our website

Valentine Love…….

As it’s the month of LOVE we thought what better way to get you in the mood than to devise an inspiration board based upon the little four letter word, with an added pinch of glamour for good measure. Whether you’re planning a special Valentine’s winter wedding or just love the idea of your BIG day being based on a lip smacking glossy red theme, then hopefully you’ll enjoy and find some inspiring ideas from our mood board.

And so here it is – Rich Romance……

Images courtesy of; Style Me Pretty, Project Wedding, GQ Magazine, Anna Tyler Cakes, Lazaro, Stewart
Parvin & Not On The High Street.

♥ As red is such a bold and vibrant colour, we believe it best to keep some of the details quitesimple. For example, a classic white iced tiered wedding cake with just a single red bloom will look timeless and elegant, to add a touch more colour you could maybe opt for a red cake stand or table cloth.

♥ If you’re venue has quite a blank canvas and high ceilings, tall centre pieces on the tables will look fab, to create a romantic atmosphere scatter a few tea light candles around the arrangement. For the bride we opted for a simple yet quite full gown in a beautiful rich silk duchesse satin.

♥ For instant glamour add a sparkly pair of chandelier earrings and hair clip. Red lips are a must and a bird cage veil compliments the whole outfit perfectly.

♥ And not forgetting the gorgeous groom and his gang, we’ve gone for a very stylish black dinner suit teamed with an on trend dickie bow to complete the look – (hopefully they’ll all turn up looking as sexy hot as the GQ model too!).

♥ Lastly, as a little thank you to your guests why not go for the favourite French biscuit macaroons, they come in every colour imaginable, taste great and look very sophisticated. And who says you need to go to Ladurée for them, most decent bakeries or even your cake supplier could provide them for you at a fraction of the cost.

If you have a theme, colour, lots of ideas and not sure how to bring it all together or none of those things, then get in touch with us here at VR Wedding Design as we’d love to help to give your wedding planning a kick start.


We are also offering 2 lucky brides (and grooms) the chance to win a free inspiration board courtesy of us here at VR Wedding Design.

To be in with a chance of winning, complete your details via our enquiry form at and quote VRWD0211. Once the 2 lucky winners have been selected, we will forward you a quick questionnaire to complete and devise the inspiration board based on your answers.

Good Luck!!

Lots of Valentine LOVE

Thank you very much to Rachel and Vicki, you can tell that they are very passionate about what they do. Visit  for their wedding packages.

Coming up on the blog…Cake Week Results.