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So I have my first bit of hate mail. I don’t realllly understand why. But they bothered to spend the time writing it, so I thought I would share it with you…I have lifted it straight up for you to enjoy spelling and grammar also. 

Dear Pheobe, 

I just wanted to email you and tell you that I think you should maybe reconsider how you come accross in your blog. Firstly, how can someone be so arrogant to think that people want to read the pretentious crap that you put on your pages? You only blog about high-end things, that most brides or people in general cant afford but I am so glad you can. Secondly, what is the point? You dont have a niche, you arent a big blogger, you dont focus on anything in particular so really, I cant imagine anyone reads it other than to laugh at you. 

I thought it was better that I sent it annonymously because I thought someone should say something as no one should waste their time on something they arent good at. I dont want to be mean but you come accross as arrogant, maybe you are in real life, if so I feel sorry for you, if not, why pretend to be?

Have a nice week. 

So there you go. What I don’t understand is that they have evidently taken the time to read my “pretentious” blog, and for this, I thank them. See You Next Tuesday. 

An American Blue Jay? Not Really.

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I will tell you now, this blog post will be; short, sweet and totally cheesy. 

I met Jaye from Tux and Tales yesterday. After a bumpy start to our one o clock date, we finally sat down around two ish and got talking…and talking…and talking. It’s lovely when you just click with someone. We went on to the pub, then my house. She left at about half nine. Not bad going. The point of this post other than informing you of our itinerary yesterday? 

Well, she is awesome. Her work ethic is fantastic, she has such a positive outlook on the wedding industry and her approach to a supplier/bridal relationship is refreshing. 

So go and look at the her website. Perhaps book a complimentary engagement shoot and you too will get to meet Jaye. She may even talk about her dislike of ice and cheese, her love of Siamese cats that are actually like dogs and you will get to enjoy her amalgamated accent.

It was emotional. 

Autumn Is Here | uk wedding blog

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

It was 8C in Leeds over the weekend. That’s getting cold. My weekend mainly consisted of;

Playing the piano
Playing Words with Friends
Received a leather bound journal from Italy
Tying bows in my hair
 Enjoying brief moments of sunshine
Dippy egg and soldiers
Conker collecting
Wine drinking
Fish and Chips 
Teaching people the difference…
Buying jars for sloe gin
Eating yummy chicken pie
What did you do? What are you doing next weekend? Can I come?

With Your Head In The Clouds…

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

…on your wedding day, its only befitting that you adorn your hair with pretty headpieces that could easily have fallen off an angel. Romantic styles of delicate lace, intricate crystals and beautiful feathers. Jannie Baltzer creates heavenly headpieces for the style concious bride (or anyone going to a wonderful occasion for that matter). 


Jannie saysMy inspiration comes from the details of past eras; The French Bohemianism of the early 1900’s, the details of the Art Deco movement and the glamour of 1920´s Hollywood, which is expressed in the luxurious materials such as: French lace, Edwardian Lace, silk and soft chiffon.

I only use hand made flowers, and all the bead work is handcrafted with beautiful Preciosa crystals and pearls at my studio in Copenhagen. I love to use interesting pieces of vintage to add whimsy and magic, and to get a unique one of a kind piece”







Go to http://www.janniebaltzer.com/ for more of her beauuuttiful collection. Which is your favourite?

All The Leaves Are Brown

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Seriously beautiful autumnal shoot by Gideon Photography. Visit their website, there are so many stunning images captured. Enjoy!

Speechless yes?

Location: Zion National Park
Photographer: Gideon Photography
Event Designer: Laura from Forevermore Events
Dress: Vera Wang
Florist: Kathy of Bloomers Flowers
Hair & Make Up: Jaclyn Lamoreaux
Cake: Karen at Sweet Cakes

Currently Loving

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

I seem to do these every couple of months. Is that fickle? I hope that Michael can use the next one as his Christmas shopping list. Yes I used the C word. I am excited about it. This will be the first C word spent in our own home, which I will be turning in to a grotto. Fairy-lights and kitsch reindeer galore. 

So this is what I am currently loving…

Autumnal Walks – Source

Getting the fire going – Source

Wellie weather

Cinnamon Lattes! 

Getting the tweed out – Holland Cooper

Making new friends

Beautiful Diaries – Debretts

That blue is incredible! Marie- Helene de Taillac

Tight wearing weather…thank goodness. 
And with tights…beautiful shoes – Jimmy Choo
New Ventures
Merino wool time – Aubin & Wills

What are you currently loving? 

Burple and Prown

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe
I love this colour combination, but there is always a danger of veering towards a Cadbury theme. I love how warm and rich the purple is when set against a chocolatey brown, it’s perfect for this time of year. 

There will be some new bits and bobs being added to the blog over this week. Remember, if you’d like to feature just email phoebe@millerweddings.co.uk

Enjoy this blustery day!

Tweedy, Not Cheryl

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

It’s nearly autumn, which means fur, feathers and tweed (for me anyway). Log fires, spiced treats and enjoying the fruits of a days shooting (not actual fruit obvs). I wish I had put Michael in tweed for our wedding day. 

The beautiful gingerbread cape is by Holland Cooper. It is on my Currently Loving list (coming soon).

The stationery is by Knots and Kisses

The wedding dress is Pronovias

Feathered clutch is by Ferragamo

The flowers were from my wedding by Miss Pickering

Enjoy! What part of autumn are you looking forward to?