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I am handing over to Clare again from Blush Rose, a Manchester based florist to show you how to make your own corsage. You can use any foliage, and flowers and attach to any type of wrist band…so have a go, and if you do, will you show us? I may attempt one this weekend. 

So with all our brides anticipating your grand day, I decided to create a step by step DIY wrist corsage. I fondly remember having one of these when I was maid of honour for my sister’s wedding. Because I had so much to do I needed to have it permanently on me at all times as I was afraid I would put the bouquet down at the ceremony and leave it there.
So here goes….
Brides are you ready?

Step One

I am using

2 Large Cream Rose’s

Green Foliage (eucalyptus)

Gypsophila     (filler)

Florists wire and tape

And a jewelled bracelet with ribbon and corsage base.

Before we start making the corsage, we need to prepare the flowers first. Cut all the flowers short.

Then, tape each flower with floral wire. This makes it easier to shape them according to the direction you want. Cut the leaves separately, too.

In making the wrist corsage, the first thing to do is to tape the main flowers together. So, I take the 2 cream roses and tape them together using the floral tape. Then add the foliage bit by bit.

As you start to add more fillers keep taping them together. Keep twisting your design so you are able to see it from all angles

Step Six
Cut the corsage down to the base and start to attach the corsage to the base of the bracelet with the ribbons.



This bit can be tricky but persevere (a handy hint is you can use floral glue which will not damage the flowers)….

And hey presto

Step Eight

You have yourself a lovely bridal corsage…

Here is how it looks on as one of our models shows here

If you wish for us to design flowers for your special day please do contact us. I (Clare) or a member of my team will be only too happy to create your dream day… We are a Manchester wedding florist

So there you go, following on from trends for 2012, will you be having corsages? 

The Ultimate Seasonal Flower Guide | UK Wedding Blog

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The lovely Clare from Blush Rose Events will be bringing you a seasonal guide to wedding flowers, starting off with… 

Well Spring will be in the air before we know it. And we can start to dust off the cobwebs of this cold wet winter and everything will start to awaken. New spring Brides will embrace the start of a new season and all the flower markets will be cascading with all the spring flowers you can imagine (they are in stock as we write this blog).

Here are just a few on a list of spring flowers that you will come across over the coming months:


Narcissus (bright yellows and whites)


Hyacinths (blue, white, pink highly scented)


Freesias (yellow, white, purple pink)


Tulips (all colours)


Ranunculus (all colours)

This is only to name a few.

So as spring comes to life the colours exploding I have picked two colours and flowers themes. The first is Yellow as I feel that Yellow is the best colour to express spring time…..


The next is Tulips I love working with tulips and they are so easy to work with if you decide to arrange your own flowers… Buying lots of vases or containers and fill easily with tulips. I remember a bride and groom who adored tulips and they were displayed everywhere. I have to say it looked fresh and magical. And here is how you could use tulips to style your wedding.


The next instalment from Clare will be a DIY on corsages, they are big for 2012 weddings but I feel they can be worn any time and it would be wonderful to know how to make them!

Love In Stamford | UK Wedding Blog

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Major sigh…this love shoot by Amy Lewin comes from my home-town and it makes me insanely homesick. I have so many fond memories in some of these locations and its lovely seeing another couple make their own memories there. 

I bang on about Stamford all the time, I could easily be the ambassador of Stamford, no words can describe what a stunning town it is and it will always hold a place in my heart. So here is; a beautiful couple, in a beautiful town, photographed in a beautiful manner. 

Arent the images beautiful? You can see more of Amy’s work on her site

Coming up on the blog tomorrow – How To: Wedding Corsage. 

Too Much To Do, Too Little Time – By Rachel

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We are still following the lovely Rachel on her planning journey, today she considers blogs, work, planning and babies. 

The thought of getting married and planning a wedding is all very lovely. So lovely in fact that people actually make whole careers out of writing about them. The thing is, when you’re in the middle of planning it can often be hard to establish that, sometimes, real life gets in the way.

They say the most stressful things in your life are moving house, wedding planning and new jobs. By the way, if I knew who ‘they’ was I’d like to poke them with a big stick. Taking the plunge into married life aside, I recently took a big leap of faith by quitting my job without a replacement. It was the perfect example of real life getting in the way of my wedding dream. At the time of handing in my resignation, I had no idea what was going to happen and whether anything would actually crop up. I guess in some respects I was a little silly. I was on a countdown to unemployment with rent and bills to pay, Christmas on the horizon and a wedding looming in the distance eating chunks out of my savings on an ever increasing basis. I’m lucky in that I found a new job pretty quickly but it got me wondering about the big work/life balance.

With every waking hour consumed by my new job – actually being there and/or thinking or panicking about it when I get home – wedding planning and general social events are having to take a back seat. Just how many big life changes can you make in a short space of time before you start to lose your mind?

I know that I am not the first bride-to-be who is trying to plan a wedding around a full time job. I also know that some brides will have planned under much harsher time scales, budgets and pressure. But any planning bride will have considered putting wedding planning on their CV – a whirlwind of coordinating others, proof reading, pulling together lists, chasing people, it can often feel like a second job. Except it’s full of a lot more pretty than the day job, let me tell you!

We’ve been engaged for over a year now and I can’t remember life without weddings in it. I don’t know what I actually did before browsing blogs, Pinterest and supplier emails settled themselves into my daily routine. I love weddings – always have, always will – but I don’t think I realised just how much time they took up. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t have this any other way. I love having control over our day and choosing things that suit us down to the ground. I even love changing my mind about the bridesmaid dresses when I’ve already bought them, although I don’t think my Mum was too impressed. What on earth am I going to do with myself when I’m left with only one job and suddenly scrapbooking my dream wedding is no longer considered a suitable use of my time?

And if anyone says anything about babies, there’ll be trouble…but that’s a whole other blog post…

I think we need a blog post on babies next Rachel? Remember you can follow all of her journey by clicking on Rachel Writes in the Link List section on the right. 

Wedding Trends to Abolish in 2012 | UK Wedding Blog

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Over the last two days I have looked at up and coming trends for weddings in 2012.

Colours and Flowers for 2012
Themes and Styling for 2012

Listed below are my top three trends I would like to see abolished. Please? I am all for trends, if it makes the couple happy then that is wonderful. However, there are few trends that have gained momentum over the last couple of years and I just don’t understand why.Read More

Wedding Themes & Styling for 2012 | UK Wedding Blog

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Although I am not a major fan of “theme-ing” a wedding, I think that looking to what inspires you, or what you find utterly beautiful is a great place to start. Whether its your love of literature, festivals or buttons, it can all be incorporated in to your wedding, making it unique to you as a couple.Read More

Christmas Come Down – by Rachel | UK Wedding Blog

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A day late this week, we turn to Rachel who updates us on her wedding planning journey. She gets married this year and I know for a fact it is going to be beautiful!!! Here are some wise words…

I’ve now come up for air from amongst the wrapping paper, chocolates and wine I’ve survived on over Christmas. I hope you all had a good time!

Christmas was a bit quiet for me this year but it’s been rather chilled out and now our wedding is THIS YEAR, just six months away. D and I have braved the gale force winds and rain to make it to our wedding venue today – D has never seen it when it’s not been raining so I’m hoping that’s not a sign of things to come. We spent hours working through everything with our event coordinator who has been truly lovely and to be honest has quite a relaxing influence about her. I think that must be a requirement of the job – “Can you calm brides down? Yes? You’re hired”.

We now have an intinery and menus, drinks selected and some kind of order to the day. Today really has been a day of decisions but wow, I feel so much better for it. Although my poor brain that hasn’t had to decide anything other than mince pie or another slice of Christmas cake for weeks is rather exhausted!

We’ve also seen the final proofs of our amazing wedding invites that have been designed especially for us by the lovely “I Am Nat”. It’s as if Nat has been living in my brain because they’re exactly what I had asked for and better than I imagined. Our very lucky guests will be getting these landing through their letterboxes very soon because I just can’t wait to send them out.

And I’ve embarked on various floral shaped discussions with florists across Kent. I think we have now come to the conclusion that I a) know exactly what I want but b) don’t quite know how to get it. A one-way road to nowhere if ever there was one, but so far everyone has been very patient, very helpful and very inspirational. I have blooms coming out of my ears…not literally, that would be weird.

I’m not one for New Years Resolutions and, to be honest, have never stuck to a resolution in my life. I do like to have a bit of direction every now and then, so how about this…

Never give up anything that makes you smile!

And if that includes things that other people roll their eyes at, so be it.

Coming up this afternoon – wedding trends 2012 – themes and styles

Do you have any wise words for Rachel as she embarks on the last few months of planning? 

Colour & Flower Trends For 2012 | UK Wedding Blog

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Two main themes seem to be emerging this year for wedding colours. Bright and muted. But not your hot pink colour scheme, nor your washed out white. Elegant, sophisticated and interesting colour palettes. 

Accentuated with muted tones of mink, blush or taupe this colour palette is exceptionally versatile and can be used from Januray through to December. Whilst this is a lot softer than the classic mono-chrome theme (which was executed beautifully by Alexis in 2011) it is still very elegant and clean. For those wanting to add some colour, try yellow or green. 

Bright and cheerful. This year is all about the orange/peach. Teamed with aqua (or thereabouts) it makes for a wonderfully delicious spring to summer palette. Though it can be taken through to Autumn, muting it with shades of grey and gold. 

For those brides wanting to add a vintage princess element to their wedding rose and gold fits in perfectly with current themes (coming up tomorrow). Perfect all year round, this colour palette will have your wedding coming up roses.  

For me, there is no wedding without flowers. I adore them. I was fortunate enough to have the wonderful Miss Pickering create my wedding flowers and they were the favourite part of my wedding decor. Flowers for this year are bigger and better. With them appearing on wrists and in the hair. More is more and I couldn’t be happier!
Bash, Please

Photography – Mirrorbox Photography & Flowers by Amy Fairburn via Love My Dress

Instead of, or in addition to your bouquet. A nod to the 1950s in a floral manner. I sincerely hope corsages make a come back this year. You spend a lot of your wedding day without your bouquet so it would be worthwhile investing in corsages for you a your bridesmaids, especially if you are having a wonderfully bright colour palette like above.

After seeing Lana Del Ray rock the floral headpiece, I think more brides will opt for this in place of jewels. Or perhaps a change to jewels in the evening? Either way, beautiful floral creations will be seen donning the heads of brides and I love it!

Devlin Photos

Big, beautiful blooms. Very Victorian (more on this tomorrow) and very elegant. 

So there you have 2012 trends for colours and flowers. Coming up tomorrow, themes and styling. Can you already see where its going? 

Do you agree? 

A Quick Catch Up | UK Wedding Blog

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Did you have a lovely Christmas? Have you consumed your weight in wrapped chocolate and guzzled copious amounts of champagne. Are you ready to do it all over again this weekend? If you follow me on twitter @phoebewedding, you will have seen some of these photos but its good to update everyone, whether they may care or not…

Read More

Engagement – One Year On {By Rachel} | UK Wedding Blog

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As it’s a Wednesday I am handing these striped pages over to Rachel, who this week talks about the her year of being engaged

It’s been over a year since the big question, and now just over six months until the big day. I believe it’s tradition to start thinking about what you’ve achieved over the past year around Christmas, and so I will be no different. What I have learned since being thrown head first into the world of weddings?
To start with I was absolutely brimming with excitement. It sounds like a cliché but I really was one of those little girls who dreamed of their wedding, even though I was adamant I would never get married. Quite how I thought that was going to work I don’t know. I already had heaps of ideas about venues, decorations and how the day was going to work. I knew who I wanted there and what I was going to wear. The thing is when I actually started planning properly – rather than it being just the stuff of daydreams – everything got turned on its head a little bit.
Now one year later, our wedding looks a whole lot different to what I had in my head last December. And really, that’s not a bad thing. With all the big things ticked off the ‘to-do’ list and a whole lot more to do besides, our big day is really starting to take shape. I admit that we have compromised a little bit on some things to keep people happy but overwhelmingly it’s our day just the way we want it.
It probably helped that I’m quite a traditional girl at heart and I never entertained the idea of having anything but a church ceremony, speeches and all the trimmings. The church we have chosen was always meant to be as I was christened there and my parents were married there too. In fact, when I approached the church to ask if we could be married there I was told, “of course! It wouldn’t be right for you to be married anywhere else!” And quite honestly, it wouldn’t.
At the start of 2011, I was up to my eyes in wedding blogs and magazines. I couldn’t see the marriage through the veil (insert any other wedding cliché here) and that’s ok. But now as we head into 2012; the year of our wedding, the year I become a Mrs – I am just excited that I finally get to marry my boy. And I’d even do it in the presence of chair covers and scatter crystals… ok, maybe that’s taking things too far.

Hopefully not that far…I think we all set out with this “idea” in mind, but often can’t put that idea in to words, let alone a genre, colour theme or style. The thing is, on the day, it will be exactly how you intended from the beginning, whether its vintage, modern, shabby or bohemian, it is your wedding day, and it will be the most wonderful day ever.