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Two main themes seem to be emerging this year for wedding colours. Bright and muted. But not your hot pink colour scheme, nor your washed out white. Elegant, sophisticated and interesting colour palettes. 

Accentuated with muted tones of mink, blush or taupe this colour palette is exceptionally versatile and can be used from Januray through to December. Whilst this is a lot softer than the classic mono-chrome theme (which was executed beautifully by Alexis in 2011) it is still very elegant and clean. For those wanting to add some colour, try yellow or green. 

Bright and cheerful. This year is all about the orange/peach. Teamed with aqua (or thereabouts) it makes for a wonderfully delicious spring to summer palette. Though it can be taken through to Autumn, muting it with shades of grey and gold. 

For those brides wanting to add a vintage princess element to their wedding rose and gold fits in perfectly with current themes (coming up tomorrow). Perfect all year round, this colour palette will have your wedding coming up roses.  

For me, there is no wedding without flowers. I adore them. I was fortunate enough to have the wonderful Miss Pickering create my wedding flowers and they were the favourite part of my wedding decor. Flowers for this year are bigger and better. With them appearing on wrists and in the hair. More is more and I couldn’t be happier!
Bash, Please

Photography – Mirrorbox Photography & Flowers by Amy Fairburn via Love My Dress

Instead of, or in addition to your bouquet. A nod to the 1950s in a floral manner. I sincerely hope corsages make a come back this year. You spend a lot of your wedding day without your bouquet so it would be worthwhile investing in corsages for you a your bridesmaids, especially if you are having a wonderfully bright colour palette like above.

After seeing Lana Del Ray rock the floral headpiece, I think more brides will opt for this in place of jewels. Or perhaps a change to jewels in the evening? Either way, beautiful floral creations will be seen donning the heads of brides and I love it!

Devlin Photos

Big, beautiful blooms. Very Victorian (more on this tomorrow) and very elegant. 

So there you have 2012 trends for colours and flowers. Coming up tomorrow, themes and styling. Can you already see where its going? 

Do you agree? 

A Quick Catch Up | UK Wedding Blog

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Did you have a lovely Christmas? Have you consumed your weight in wrapped chocolate and guzzled copious amounts of champagne. Are you ready to do it all over again this weekend? If you follow me on twitter @phoebewedding, you will have seen some of these photos but its good to update everyone, whether they may care or not…

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Engagement – One Year On {By Rachel} | UK Wedding Blog

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As it’s a Wednesday I am handing these striped pages over to Rachel, who this week talks about the her year of being engaged

It’s been over a year since the big question, and now just over six months until the big day. I believe it’s tradition to start thinking about what you’ve achieved over the past year around Christmas, and so I will be no different. What I have learned since being thrown head first into the world of weddings?
To start with I was absolutely brimming with excitement. It sounds like a cliché but I really was one of those little girls who dreamed of their wedding, even though I was adamant I would never get married. Quite how I thought that was going to work I don’t know. I already had heaps of ideas about venues, decorations and how the day was going to work. I knew who I wanted there and what I was going to wear. The thing is when I actually started planning properly – rather than it being just the stuff of daydreams – everything got turned on its head a little bit.
Now one year later, our wedding looks a whole lot different to what I had in my head last December. And really, that’s not a bad thing. With all the big things ticked off the ‘to-do’ list and a whole lot more to do besides, our big day is really starting to take shape. I admit that we have compromised a little bit on some things to keep people happy but overwhelmingly it’s our day just the way we want it.
It probably helped that I’m quite a traditional girl at heart and I never entertained the idea of having anything but a church ceremony, speeches and all the trimmings. The church we have chosen was always meant to be as I was christened there and my parents were married there too. In fact, when I approached the church to ask if we could be married there I was told, “of course! It wouldn’t be right for you to be married anywhere else!” And quite honestly, it wouldn’t.
At the start of 2011, I was up to my eyes in wedding blogs and magazines. I couldn’t see the marriage through the veil (insert any other wedding cliché here) and that’s ok. But now as we head into 2012; the year of our wedding, the year I become a Mrs – I am just excited that I finally get to marry my boy. And I’d even do it in the presence of chair covers and scatter crystals… ok, maybe that’s taking things too far.

Hopefully not that far…I think we all set out with this “idea” in mind, but often can’t put that idea in to words, let alone a genre, colour theme or style. The thing is, on the day, it will be exactly how you intended from the beginning, whether its vintage, modern, shabby or bohemian, it is your wedding day, and it will be the most wonderful day ever. 

Blue & Gold | UK Wedding Blog

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It’s heart-warming and a wonderful winter/Christmas palette for the home, or for your wedding. 

Did you enjoy Laura’s wedding yesterday? Its officially 5 days till Christmas, you know when you have hit the 20s on the advent calender that you are nearly there. Christmas eve is my most treasured day of the year. The anticipation, the excitement, the wonderful TV, copious amounts of mulled wine and my mothers fish pie. 

Here are some things my mighty iphone captured over the weekend…

Are you ready? Are you excited? Do you like blue and gold? Have you asked for a puppy/Canon EOS for Christmas but think you’ll get neither? Me too. 

A Bonfire Night Bride | UK Wedding Blog

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I believe that Laura has graced the pages of this blog a couple of times before, the latest was to do with the Brides Up North tweet up we attended together.  Having spoken to Laura for months on twitter, we had our first encounter in a pub before going to the tweet up. We were in the same boat, we laughed nervously, we drank, we networked, we got lots of sweets, took lots of photos and we left. It was wonderful. I then suggested an xfactor style sleepover chez moi, she brought along her beautiful pup Daisy, Diet Coke, and salt & vinegar chip sticks. From that day forth I declared us the best of friends and I wanted her to stay for forever.
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A Traditional Christmas? | UK Wedding Blog

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Another Wednesday, and another post from Rachel, you can find all her musings under “Rachel writes” in the tag cloud. 

Today’s topic is exceptionally current and a debate all couples go through each and every year…

I started a new job this week so my head has been a little pre-occupied with learning lots of new names and panicking about how I’m ever going to remember everything. So, in my quest to find something vaguely interesting to write about this week I took to Twitter – you can follow me @rachelbeasley if you so wish – and I was asked to write about Christmas. Last week I wrote a very festive post about my favourite festive films (who doesn’t love a bit of alliteration on a Wednesday) so I wanted to discuss something a little more traditional this time round and something a little bit more to do with those things we call life and relationships.

Like many people, Christmas has always been a very family oriented time in my world. It was pretty much the same every year and I could set my watch by it. I think Christmas is the only time when I actually quite liked routine and predictability, right down to the traditional Christmas Eve trek round the shops with Dad to buy Mum’s present. 

The thing I struggle with now though, is trying to incorporate someone else’s memories and Christmas traditions. D and I were both very used to family Christmasses, our Mum’s cooking and how the day should be spent. In some ways they’re very similar, but each family have their own little festive quirks where, quite simply, it just doesn’t feel like Christmas without them.

This will be our 5th Christmas. The first one we spent separately and since then have tried to come up with a rota that says we’d spend one year with my family and one year with his. Although real life doesn’t always fit nicely with your well meant plans, does it? Taking into account our own work commitments, our family diaries and also a 10-hour round trip home to my parents, it’s not looking likely I’ll get home for Christmas this year. And well, it makes me sad. In fact, I’ve only just let myself believe this because I’ve putting off making the decision for months believing I could still make it home. 

I had it all planned out in my head, you see. I wanted this Christmas to be spent with my family, our traditions and reliving my childhood memories because next year I’ll be married…a grown up, if you will, and I think part of me believes some of the magic of a family Christmas will be lost a little bit. Then we were going to have next Christmas – our first married Christmas – by ourselves to start making new traditions and looking ahead to the next stage of our lives.

Perhaps I’m putting too much emphasis on what is essentially one day. Perhaps spending Christmas Day in my pyjamas watching ‘Robbie The Reindeer’ will always be special to me and won’t be just childhood memories?

So I want to know how you will be spending Christmas this year. Do you merge your old family traditions together in order to create the perfect combo for Christmas Day? Or should we just wipe the slate clean and start making brand new ones?

After all, part of the joy of Christmas is being sick of the sight of each other by the end of Boxing Day and looking forward to your own bed…isn’t it?

Where will you spend Christmas? Have you already started your own traditions?

Your Emergency Kit | UK Wedding Blog

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It should contain:

  • Plasters – the fabric ones for grip in new shoes
  • Mints – Helps calm your tummy and gives fresh breath. Not chewing gum, it irritates stomach acid and looks tacky
  • Medicine – antacids, paracetamol, diazapam, antihistamines, migraine meds – pack for everything. 
  • Lipstick 
  • Perfume – it perks you up with just one spritz
  • Lipgloss – if you’re wearing it
  • Powder – freshen up and stops the shine. Also cover-up/under-eye although if your make up is done professionally you won’t need it. 
  • Bobby pins
  • Compact mirror

I had all of this (and more!) in a little clutch bag..this one to be exact, from Jaeger.

If you aren’t planning on taking a bag then distribute amongst family or your bridesmaids. It is nice knowing that these little things are nearby, just in case!

nail file
flat shoes
spare contact lenses and eye drops/saline 
spare tights
“lady products”

Anything I have forgotten?

Bleeding Baubles – By Rachel

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe
As its a Wednesday I am handing over to Rachel for some Christmas themed musings…

I adore Christmas. It’s my favourite time of year. I’ve been off work for the past two weeks and have spent my days shopping for gifts, putting up the decorations and watching festive films on repeat. Cut me open and I’d bleed fairy lights and baubles…

I’ve become a bit of a know-it-all when it comes to Christmas movies so I thought I’d share with you my favourites. Then we can get to know each other a little better. Deal?


I don’t know anyone who can’t quote Buddy The Elf on command;
“Santa, I know him”
“Buddy the Elf, what’s your favourite colour?”
“I just like to smile. Smiling’s my favourite”

It’s not Christmas until you’ve watched Elf. Fact.

The Greatest Store In The World

Not many people have heard of this one. My sister and I used to watch it so often we ended up breaking the video tape it came on. And now, of course, it’s not available anywhere.

After a whole world of issues leading up to Christmas, a family end up living in a department store. This film is so magical I am desperate to find it and watch all over again!

Love Actually

Love Actually is kind of a new classic. By new classic I mean that as soon as it was released in 2003, it became a film everyone had to watch in the run up to Christmas.

In comparison to many other Christmas films that rely on a bit of fantasy this is about real life, and that’s part of the reason why I love it.

Home Alone

It’s probably near on impossible for someone who grew up in the 90’s to not have Home Alone on their list of favourite Christmas films.

As much as I love it, I still don’t get how a family can go on holiday and leave their child behind. Although I suppose that’s part of its charm!

Miracle On 34th Street

Another child of the 90’s film and one I will introduce my nephew to as soon as he’s old enough to understand. Dreams really do come true, if only you just believe!!

The combination of New York, Santa and that cute little girl from Matilda makes this one a winner.

There are so many others that I could list here, but I thought I’d stick to the ones I go back to year after year. What are your favourites? Let’s have a Christmas show and tell!
                                                                                – By Rachel

I have all of these in my collection! Personal favourites are:

The Snowman
Its a Wonderful Life
Scrooge (1951 version)
The Holiday
Santa Claus: The Movie (♥ Dudley Moore)