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I have a puppy? 

I am dreadfully sorry (I’m not) that you have come across a blog post full of pictures of my new puppy rather than wedding prettiness. This will only happen today and never again (it probably will). It does showcase the superb talents of Tux and Tales Photography, who, after appearing on Sarah Beeny’s Restoration Nightmare and photographed her dogs, I knew that my pup was getting the best. 

So here is Atticus…

Also, do you think this is as easy as it looks?! Because I don’t!

The Beauty Department 

Have you been watching Masterchef? Who is your favourite? Who would you like to go? Fill me in!

Fred & Ginger Lingerie + Win Designer Wedding Show Tickets | UK Wedding Blog

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After spending my wedding day in the dreaded Spanx, I would have loved to have slipped in to a pretty piece of negligee and I truly do regret not buying anything for later on in the evening. Especially when you can buy pieces as wonderful as Fred & Ginger.

Quite frankly, this is how I wished I spent my weekends. 

Luxurious French silksatins and crinkle chiffons are embellished with the most beautiful ofSwarovski crystals. Combine this with the Hollywood glamour of the 1950’s andyou arrive at the desirable Fred & Ginger honeymoon collection. 

You can stray from the classic bridal white into some of their Black Label which is just as divine. You can see that here. Victoria Holt worked as senior fashion designer forinternational fashion house, Jenny Packham London prior to launchingFred&Ginger in September 2007. Bringing her flair and expertise to hermuch-loved and highly acclaimed lingerie label, Victoriaproduces a unique brand that reflects the elegance and sophistication of abygone age, to a market that appreciates luxury with an elegant andcontemporary design edge.

The entire collection ismanufactured in the United Kingdom to the highest standards of quality. Retailprices range from £45 – £200.

Fred & Ginger have 10 tickets to give away for the Designer Wedding Show in Battersea on the 10-12th of February. 

To enter all you need to do is: 
♥ Follow Fred & Ginger on Twitter
♥ Like them on Facebook
♥ Comment on your favourite Bridal picture on Facebook quoting DWS at the end of the comment. 

Five winners will be picked at random and receive 2 tickets each. Competition ends February 7th. Good luck!

Have a look at the rest of Fred & Ginger‘s beautiful collection, and you can crush over the stunning models also.  

What’s In A Name? | UK Wedding Blog

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I have been a Miller for over a year. I was quite happy to change my name, I did want it to be Irvine-Miller as there are no boys to carry on the Irvine name but Michael caught me out as he knows I don’t want children, therefore the name Irvine-Miller wouldn’t have been carried on anyway.

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Wedding Dresses by Johanna Hehir | UK Wedding Blog

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Good Morning! We are on the cusp of a “big freeze”, will it be like the day after tomorrow? Will everyone panic buy? Will there be enough to build a snowman? Pressing questions that the BBC seem unable to answer at the moment.

I thought I would start off this awful grey week with something beautiful and I didn’t have to look further than the new Johanna Hehir collection. My personal favourite is Florence, low back, long arms, buttons, draping…so beautiful. 






What Johanna had to say about this years collection:

“The new Central Park West Collection is a true reflection of Johanna’s signature style. For this range of designs she focused on her favourite slim silhouette shape, taking inspiration from Hollywood style icons of the past and vintage images from as far back as 1918. Using a variety of lace, silk and soft georgette, Johanna has created a look for the individual bride who knows her own style and mind”

Pop on over to Johanna’s site for more beautiful dresses, another stunning gown is “Rosamund” from the Hampton Court Collection…oh to be married again!

You can see Johanna Heir at the Milton Keynes Vintage Fair I blogged about on the 26th of February.


10/12 Chiltern Street




Tel: 02074862760

nearest tube Baker St or Bond St

We’ll Take Manhattan | UK Wedding Blog

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David Bailey – http://iconolo.gy

1962, Manhattan, for Vogue Magazine. 

If you didn’t watch this yesterday then I suggest you do over the weekend. Although in some parts the script seemed slightly juvenile, if you know nothing about David Bailey and his work then this is a great place to start. I won’t say any more other than Helen McCrory was perfect and Karen Gillan was wonderful, though I am a fan of her in Dr Who. The music and cinematography are fantastic, throw in some couture and a handsome photographer and you have quite a breath taking film. 

Watch it on iplayer here

David Bailey – http://iconolo.gy

I hope you have a lovely weekend! Atticus has his first date with an older lady named Mystic, a gentle English pointer on Sunday. Eat lots and be merry. Don’t let people get you down and rise about all the sh*t that can happen on twitter. 

My final note – some bloggers in this industry need to remember where they started and reflect upon how they treat people. 

The Hydrangea Saga – By Rachel

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As it is a Wednesday, we are with Rachel today who by the sounds of it has been a wedding planning daemon this week! Over to Rachel…

Last weekend, I travelled to London to meet a group of other 2012 brides-to-be. We spent the day drinking cocktails, putting our creative skills to good use (or in my case getting paint everywhere), getting glammed up thanks to hair and make up gurus and prancing around in wedding dresses. It was exactly what I needed to kick start my enthusiasm for wedding planning again. I’ll admit that I’ve been a bit downbeat about it all over the last couple of months. I think a lot of that was down to my time being completely taken over by other things, but also I think I had a little bit of wedding burnout from doing too much too soon and I overloaded my brain with to-do lists and pretty things.
After the weekend I was determined to get back into things and it really helped speaking to other brides about the issues I was having, from suppliers to guest lists and hair styles for the day itself. I literally do not know how people plan a whole wedding without the support from other brides. Our friends and family (well, the majority of them) are excited about our wedding too and will ask questions about how it’s going and offer help where they think I need it – and quite often, where I don’t need it too. But it’s our wedding not theirs, so sometimes they’re bound to get fed up and I’m really careful not to talk about it too much with them. I think we all go through the excitement stage at the start of our engagement where it’s all you want to talk about and you’re throwing around all manner of ideas to anyone within a 5 mile radius but that’s not really sustainable for them, or you! Being able to talk honestly about the issues I was facing with other people who were dealing with the same thing was a complete breath of fresh air. Noone thought you were too stubborn by not inviting your cousins’ myriad of children and noone said you were silly for being frustrated that your favourite flower just isn’t available in the colour you’d set your heart on. 
So following that weekend, I sat on the train back to Leeds with a big long list of things to tackle. And, after a big gossipy dinner party with Phoebe and Nat, I’m finally getting somewhere. 
– The invites have been printed and they are gorgeous. This week’s job is to address all the envelopes and get them sent out. I do hope the postman is gentle with them.
– I decided on flowers. Well, I say I decided because I did. It just so happens that I’ve changed my mind again just yesterday after reading Phoebe’s dahlia post. So perhaps I should delete this point?
– Confirmed our menu and itinary with the venue’s wedding coordinator. Who informed me last night that she will be leaving before our wedding. I’m slightly hyperventilating about this as she has kept me cool(er), calm(er) and collected(er ?!) throughout this whole process.
There are so many things still to do – so much so that my list is spanning page upon page of my stripy planning notebook. But I’m getting there and I’m back in the swing of things which I suppose is all that matters. For now.
I’m still slightly frustrated that hydrangeas don’t come in yellow though. *pout*

It all starts coming together in the end hey? The more things you tick of the to do list the better you will feel, believe me! 

Dreamy Dahlias | UK Wedding Blog

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All images from here 

My new favourite flower. I have always been a Peony and Ranunculus kind of girl but lately I am swinging over to the side of the Dahlia. When in full bloom, these Mexican beauties can be quite breathtaking, from double Dahlias to cactus Dahlias, they are divine. Coming in a wide range of colours they can suit any colour theme you may have for your wedding and can be found in season from July onwards. 

So what do you think? Dahlias, yay or nay?

I have a facebook page for the blog…if you could like it, I will like you, that’s how the world works. 

On a side note, I would like to wear this today…

I dont know the designer but found it on Pinterest

and eat these…


Forgot blue Monday, today feels like blue Thursday and these chocolate covered, sprinkled brownies would help make the day cheerier. Any tips on house training the puppy would be appreciated. Thought we had cracked it, but this morning he just went where ever he damn well pleased!


Women – By Rachel | UK Wedding Blog

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Handing over to Rachel, who diverts from weddings to give us some wise words today…

I was going to write something about weddings. I was going to tell you all about the mammoth amount of planning I’ve done over the last week (which may or may not be a little white lie), go through some of the decisions we’ve made and some of the things that have made me want to give it all up and run away to a little chapel in Italy. But then when I sat down to write it, I couldn’t find the words because whilst I’ve thrown myself into planning this week (mainly because I’m scaring myself a little bit silly that it’s now only 23 weeks to go and not some number that I can’t even comprehend) there’s a lot of other stuff going on that takes over.
Last week I wrote about trying to fit in wedding planning around real life – work, that thing called Christmas, etc – and then my friend got sick, I wasn’t feeling too clever, I read/heard about some tweets and Facebook statuses that made me a little bit angry and I thought that we needed this…
Women Who Change The World – Ashley Rice
There are women who make things better…simply by showing up.
There are women who make things happen.
There are women who make their way.
There are women who make a difference.
And women who make us smile.
There are women of wit and wisdom who – through strength and courage – make it through.
There are women who change the world every day…women like you.
So yes, it’s cheating because I’m using someone else’s words to say what I want to say but someone gave me this as a bookmark when I left my last job and every time I read it I take a deep breath and just carry the hell on.
No matter who you are, whether life is great at the moment or you just want to hide in a dark room so you don’t have to be strong anymore. We’re great, aren’t we?
P.S If you’re a guy, substitute the words…it’s ok, I’ll let you. Just this once.

Sheena Holland – Derby | UK Wedding Blog

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Nestled away in Derby is a brand new vintage accessories shop for a bride looking for something a little different for her wedding day. From beautiful headpieces to feathery vintage clutches, Sheena Holland offers everything so that you can a bit of vintage glamour to your day. 

Sheena has impressive credentials, she has worked for celebrities for one off events like Elton John’s 54th birthday and Michael Jacksons ‘World’ tour. Jeffrey Archers London and country homes and films such as ‘The Mummy’ and ‘Sense and Sensibility’, and HRH The Queen Mother’s 100th birthday celebrations. Her designs have sold to many people including Pink, Lily Allen and Alan Carr!





























If you are near to Derby, pop in and have a look, otherwise you can view her wonderful creations here www.sheenaholland.com

                      31 QUEENS STREET DERBY DE1 3DS

Lottie Emile | UK Wedding Blog

facebook-profile-picture By Phoebe

Seriously beautiful dresses and something a little different for your wedding day, Charlotte is exceptionally talented as you will see in these amazing images. If you haven’t decided on your dress yet but have one in mind, its worth emailing her just to see if it can be done!

I make bespoke dresses, making each bride her very own set of pattern made to her own measurements. I only make one of each dress, and never use templates, so each dress really is made specially for each bride. I make everything with my own ‘petites mains”, from patterns, cutting and stitching, to embroidery and embelishment.
Each dress is a design collaboration with the bride. A bride who comes to me with strong ideas about her gown, will be surprised at how much the design will develop over the months to create the dress, choosing the styles and features that will best suit her. Brides who are unsure of their bridal gown ambitions too, will be surprised at how we can work together to bring out her inspirations and create a really detailed wedding gown.
It’s really great, as a bridal designer to feel you’ve had a little design partner. Collaborating means that I can really put the brides influences, personality and feelings into the design. And she too, can feel she has created something really special!

Lace embroidery and bead work are my favourite things, getting intricate with the details, and creating little hand-finished touches. Secret details which maybe only the bride knows about, and hand-stitching little messages into my dresses.
I’ve really enjoyed making every one of my brides dresses, each one has had it’s only litte tale, and each bride has had a journey which it has been a pleasure to have been a part of.
I can look back at each dress and remember it fondly, for the girl who wore it, and for the lovely memories of making each dress, each with it’s unique details which I meticulously snipped, embroidered, and crystallised into shape.

This year, I will be creating a mini-collection, which brides can choose from. It shouldn’t be seen as a limitation put upon what the bride can have, it will serve as a bridal dressing-up box for brides who come to see me. To get the in the mood,  to draw inspiration and ideas from, and generally have a bit of fun. This collection will be launched later in 2012.

Prices start at £1000 + fabrics for bespoke bridal gowns. Accessories made to order too. 

Photography – Justine-Louise Photography
Styling –Katherine Wallinger 
Hair & Make up – Sabrina Levine

You can contact Charlotte through the usual forms

www.lottie-emile.co.uk (blog is on same site)