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I will try very hard to make this post sound objective and not entirely sycophantic. Truth be told, I’m not sure I can. I am obsessed with Design Seeds and I have been for a year or so. The concept itself is quite simple. A beautiful photo with its main and complimentary colours picked out. But Jessica has a real flare for colour, something that I can only look on and try to emulate.

I pinned these palettes a while ago and they are now taped to various walls in the new house. Yes there is a theme. Yes I love grey.

When choosing colours for my own wedding I spent a fair bit of time on the Farrow and Ball site and when I finally realised that I liked far too many colours I decided to have them all in their muted tones. Yes there was grey.

The website is a great tool for assisting your fried bridal mind whether you are searching for a hue of bridesmaid dress, or what colours you would like on your invites, there is so so much inspiration.

You can also buy the Design Seeds books to adorn your coffee table. They can all be found here on Blurb. If you are lucky enough to live in American or Canada there is currently a giveaway going on where you can win all of volume 6!

Here are todays pallets. You can find daily updates on pinterest and twitter along with their main website.



So go forth and be colourful!


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I often write a “currently loving” post. It includes things that I am obsessed with that month, from certain drinks to websites. Todays post is wedding industry focused, I have picked out a few things I am adoring at the moment. Are you?

Firstly, I came across green eyes last year, and I have been lusting after them ever since. Yes they are peculiar, but in the most beautiful of ways

From Fairy Nuff Flowers yesterday at Hampton Court. Beautiful with succulents.

Keeping on with the floral theme, Miss Mole Flower Emporium updated her Facebook a few days ago with this creation by Treacle and Co. Cake. Flowers. Fruit. I’m pretty sure that’s all you need for a wonderful woodland wedding cake?

I also spied the same flora/fruit themed cake on Little Bites.

If you don’t fancy going for the fresh fruit and flowers, you could always get them lovingly hand painted on. Holly at Mimosa Bakery executes this skill to perfection…

These wedding invitations from Hello Lucky are beautiful

If I could have, I totally would have but I just don’t have the figure for this kind of dress by Temperley London

A Rust ring was on my christmas list. I got a puppy. Not complaining but it will be making its way on to next years list.

Something a bit different for you table centerpieces and other wedding decor from Magpie Miller, these would look beautiful with bundles of bright flowers and foliage.

So! Anything else you are currently loving?

I am off to lay on copious amounts of beds today and play out scenes from 500 days of summer. We will have a happier ending though.

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It is good to be back! Did you have a lovely Easter? After Miller’s escapades down a flight of stairs there was no easter egg hunt at our house. Though you would be searching for quite some time amidst all the boxes that are still left to unpack. Office space is now set up so I can blog happily and whittle away the hours looking at pretty interiors.

Today on the blog I have a collection of beautiful bridal accessories from Hope and Grace. I genuinely couldn’t choose which images to put in, so I have put them all up in the gallery. I am in love with 20s styling at the moment and hope to purchase a few art deco pieces for the house. If you are after classic elegance for your day then look no further…


The idea for Hope & Grace came about after a very long search for bridal accessories for our own weddings. We both wanted accessories that were a bit more fashion-forward but completely wearable at the same time. Eventually we spent more time looking for accessories than we had looking for our wedding dresses, so we decided there was a real need for accessories what were beautifully designed and made.

For the last two years we have searched for beautiful products and have ended up collaborating with and sourcing from some amazing designers including Kate Middleton’s favourite milliner, Vivien Sherrif and Australia’s Peter Lang. Rather than being led by a particular style or era we wanted our products to be connected by stunning design, quality craftsmanship and the most beautiful materials. Most of all we want our accessories to be loved (and in many cases worn) long after the wedding day.

With materials including leather and wire we hope that we have brought something a little different to the world of bridal accessories. Leather and wire aside our collection includes beautifully feminine oversized flower headdresses through to stunning 1920’s inspired Swarovski crystal headpieces for brides looking for a bit of Gatsby glamour. We hope we have a little bit of gorgeousness for everyone.

The Hope & Grace range can be purchased from, You can follow Nina, the owner of Hope and Grace on twitter and on facebook.

Beautiful hey? The rest of the collection can be seen below, it is all truly stunning.

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This post has been a long time coming. I wholeheartedly believe in supporting local businesses. And where I can, I will always buy local. From food to furniture. That also means flowers. So how about making sure your wedding flowers are local?

There can be two approaches to this. You can buy from a local grower, or you can grow your own (eeek!). The most wonderful thing about sourcing locally (aside from helping local growers) is the seasonality behind your flowers. You can be sauntering in to town the following summer, smell a waft of sweet peas and be transported straight back to your wedding day. That won’t happen with roses flown in from far off lands.

If you buy from a local grower you are also helping the wildlife around you. Georgie at Common Farm Flowers is a shining example of this. They plant native hedgerows, grow wild-flowers from seeds in order to increase butterfly population. They keep honey bees, they mow insect motorways through the long grass, dig dew ponds for dragonflies and leave debris for grass snakes to rest in during winter. Perfect hey?

Getting a florist of this calibre to do your wedding flowers means not only will they be beautiful and seasonal, they come with a low-carbon footprint and they have nurtured the wild life on your doorstep.

BUT, if you fancy it, you can grow you own. Georgie has given her advice below.


Grow your own wedding flowers.

I’m a flower farmer and florist based in Somerset and I often have brides or their mothers ask me what they could grow themselves to keep the costs of their day down. They want to give their celebration a less formal, less hothouse, less preserved look than you sometimes get with roses that have been flown in from Kenya, or other flowers whose journeys have been such that they’re only alive now thanks to the preserving fluids they’ve been fed/sprayed with.

My faves to grow:

Sweet peas – plant October or February. Best for weddings: Mollie Rillestone, Betty Maiden, Royal Wedding.

Larkspur – will over winter from September sowings, but like sweet peas you can plant in spring too.

Cosmos – will give you great clouds of flowers from July onwards and also fill in any worrying gaps you may have in your flower beds if you’re having your wedding reception at home.

Dahlias – for a late summer wedding the dahlia is dreamy. They come in so many shapes and colours you could spend as much time choosing which you’ll grow as you do picking out your dress. Watch out for the slug though when they’re sprouting, and the earwig when they’re in flower – and if you’re cutting for an arrangement there might be bumble bees who like to snuggle down deep in the flower heads over night so that their heads are in their breakfast when the sun warms them up in the morning.


Tip for cutting: Early in the morning or late evening, cut flowers, strip foliage, and put straight into tall, scrupulously clean buckets of water. A drop of bleach or white vinegar will keep the flower killing bacteria at bay. Never cut in the heat of the day.

Tip for tying posies: Once you’ve made your posies, since your flowers won’t be stuffed full of preserving fluid, bind them with ribbon etc and then let them have an inch of water in the bottom of a jam-jar which you can squeeze out at the last minute.

If you’re growing your wedding flowers but are worried about time, then do ask a friend or an experienced florist to make the bride’s bouquet and the bridesmaids’ and the buttonholes – these really need to be done on the day and you might have hair dressers to visit, last minute crises to resolve etc, and the last thing you need on the day of the wedding is to be stressed about flowers.

Good luck! And Happy Planting

Georgie Newbery runs in Somerset. See her website for freshly cut English flowers by post, weddings, workshops – her next grow your own wedding flowers workshop is scheduled for Sat 13th October and costs £65 per person including lunch. Have a look at her website and browse through the images of her flaars. I promise you will want to source locally grown, seasonal flowers for your day.

You can find your nearest local grower here. So what do you think? I know that it obviously suits a certain type of wedding and a certain type of bride. But if you only eat British beef, surely you should only carry British flowers?



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So here you go! The winners of the headpieces announced!! Congratulations if you have won. Please email with your address and I will get your prettiness sent out to you as soon as I can.

Winners were drawn at random for each headpiece using



Winner of Tamsin - Laura Babb












Winner of Nydia Elle Chettle

Winner of Karen - Laura Sheppard

winner of Orelia - Colette Masters

winner of Angelina - Anna Taylor

Winner of Ingrid - Hannah Daily

Winner of Emmaline - Hannah Daily

Winner of Theo - Laura Francis

Winner of Francesca - Zoe (photosby)

Winner of Pony - Sophie White



I hope you all enjoy.

Love Phoebe



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I don’t often write about my relationship, mainly because it isn’t that interesting. We met, fell in love, got married. We bicker, we laugh, we cry. Isn’t that how it goes? I also don’t often write personal posts. I may give my opinion on a certain wedding trend or another mundane topic but I never really delve in to the workings of The Millers. I wrote quite an open post at the end of last year about our first year as Mr and Mrs. General consensus was that it had been rather rubbish.Read More

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I ummd and ahhhhd about how to have my hair on my wedding day. I have masses of hair, and I always struggle to do something with it, so will often wear it down. It dries exceptionally straight and I have always longed for natural boho-esque waves. Miller prefers me with my hair up, even if it’s just scraped on top of my head whilst I do the washing up, boys are curious. So, I wore it up for my wedding day. It was the best decision as it meant I didn’t have hair in my lipstick, nor was it dangling in my food. Breezy. If I were getting married this summer, I would most definitely have a plait of some description. I learnt to fishtail from a YouTube tutorial, it was a good day.

Love Maegan – you MUST watch some of her tutorials!!

Is this too much?

Are you having a plait? Classic half up/down style? Have you waded through far too many pins and now can’t decide? We could help?

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Instead of spring cleaning, we thought “why not just buy a new house?”. That didn’t actually happen, but this is what has happened…

Today a rather large package arrived from our solicitor, a tonne of documents to sign so that we can exchange contracts and move in to our house. We have a completion date of the 23rd. I’m aware that doesn’t mean it will all go smoothly, but it does mean we will be avoiding stamp duty and we can keep the 2k to actually decorate the house, and buy sofas…


I have officially had enough of bird-cages and typewriters. I think there should be more taxidermy and monocles at weddings…

– Pinterest

– Pinterest (of course)

Also, adoring this shade of blue. I can’t wait till I can fill my house with cornflowers.

Tomorrow is St Patrick’s day and we shall be having some form of meaty dish with guiness in. We have people viewing the house, and whilst they are silently judging us we will swan around the farmers market. There is rugby, formula 1 and mothers day to look forward to. Both my sister and I are purchasing flowers from Miss Pickering. Our mother is spoilt.

Have you noticed the blog looks a little different? (Leah is a genius) I’m starting to love WordPress. So tell me, what have you been up to? Don’t forget to enter this competition!

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If there were badges for the society, I would be handing them out. I adore them, they really aren’t your average florists and you shall see why.
The moment we met we recognised our shared love of flowers. The seed was sown for The Flower Appreciation Society. Our background is illustration and textile design. This visual training informs our beautiful, natural and sometimes quirky arrangements.
Based in Hackney and without a shop we work from our lovely studio. A trip to the flower market for every job we take on allows us to handpick the most beautiful fresh and seasonal flowers. Bouquets start at £35 and We deliver anywhere in London.
As much as possible we use English flowers and we are always looking out for new local growers to work with.
We’ve got a new service which we are introducing….
For an original present we offer a personalised flower subscription We will make weekly/monthly bouquets or arrangements (in one of our heavenly vases) for an agreed length of time to the lucky person of your choice. Perfect for a wedding present!
I am currently putting together a piece on locally sourcing flowers (which will hopefully be up next week). Here is what the girls have to say…
We think it’s our responsibility to be aware of how far our flowers have travelled and to support local suppliers and growers as much as possible. We encourage our clients to choose flowers that are in season- not only for ethical reasons, but also it can work out cheaper for them, and they actually are more likely to have a scent!.. which we think is pretty important. At the moment we are looking into building relationships with allotment growers in London. Our dream is to buy straight from the grower with as little travel as possible. All of our greenery is 100% English. We would encourage future brides who love flowers to think carefully about the month they get married in to ensure that a plethora of English flowers are available.. (May- September).
A quick Q&A
Favourite colour: Ellie: blush lilac and anemone blush. Anna: peony coral red
Favourite song: Neil young- Only love can break your heart
Favourite Month: Ellie: June (because of the peonies) August (because of the dahlias)
Favourite food: avocado
Favourite word: appreciate
Favourite perfume: lilac
Favourite book: Anna :poisonwood bible Ellie: The Book Thief
Favourite 4 flowers: Lacecap hydrangea, astrantia, poppy, peony
Aren’t they wonderful? You can follow them on twitter and you MUST visit their site. It makes me very happy.
Would you like to join the flower appreciation society?

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Another amazing give-away courtesy of!!! This time there are 10 beautiful hair pieces all up for grabs, ranging from potential accessories for your wedding day, to cute clips for your flower girls. Just have have a look!






Ingrid - clips

Emmaline - clips

Theo - clip


Pony - hair tie

So what do you have to do to enter?

Follow Orelia on twitter


Follow Orelia on facebook

Make sure you also follow this blog via email (see the main page in the top right corner) and if you’re on twitter I am @phoebewedding

Then, just let me know which you would like!

You may enter more than once. Winners will be chosen at random for each piece. Competition closes at 19.00 on the 24th March 2012. Winners announced on the 25th of March 2012. No cash alternative.

Good Luck!!!! (You are lucky Nydia is going up, I wanted to keep it!)