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Image credits to Cat Hepple Photography

It is customary to throw something over the bride and groom when they leave the church. Apparently the retro boxes brimming with pastel coloured horseshoes and hearts for 99p won’t do any more. Something a little more luxurious then perhaps? Don’t do the bubble thing.  It’s lame.


By The Wedding of My Dreams


By Le Trousseau 



It is also possible for your stationer to do confetti, this is by Dotty Pink a Yorkshire based stationer.

I know that the amazing Higgledy Garden will be doing dried cornflower heads – yes please! And other dried flora. Personally, I would like to spend the whole day chucking glitter at the bride and groom.

Attach whatever you chose to be pelted with to the order of service. It makes it handy. Guests like handy.



I wish we still threw sweets, do they still do that in Italy? Also, make sure you double check with the vicar about confetti, some of them don’t like it within the church grounds. No confetti, restricted photos, anyone would think they didn’t want you to get married.

It is a moment you can’t prepare yourself for. Leaving the church after saying your vows is full of such relief that you forget that you are about to enter a hurricane of pastel prettiness. It always makes for wonderful photos. Always.



.Image credit to Rachel Tweeddale

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We need something like this don’t we? The picnic post didn’t bring any more sunshine, but this might?


Now, the girls at 9thletterpress are wonderful, I have been following them on instagram for sometime and always love what they do. They have recently moved their beautiful letterpress to a new studio, have a look on facebook for more.


 Have a look on their websites for more beautiful wedding stationery!

Bon weekend! Hope your days are full of wine and cheese in the sunshine, not soggy skinny jeans and Hunters.


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Today’s wedding was captured by Source Images, when looking through the images I immediatly asked Jordan who was on the other end of the ipad.

“Merrilyn is Australian and two of the bridesmaids from Oz weren’t able to make it to the UK but they got dressed up in their bridesmaids dresses and cracked some champagne for when they face timed”.

For all the downsides of our reliance on technology, I do love that it brings everyone closer together, especially on important days. I love all the details in this wedding which is why I couldn’t choose a select few images. Sorry, grab some tea and enjoy!

Photography by Source Images

Isn’t it all very beautiful?

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This is something I have been wanting to do for a while. Though I adore Pinterest, I often leave my imaginary house/wedding/wardrobe/life feeling rather down trodden. It is all a fantasy. An elaborate dream world of “someday”. So I decided to create a real mood-board with things I have in my home. Each week I will bring you a bit of real colour inspiration, though I do wonder how long it will be till I have used everything up. May have to raid best friend’s house also.



Radio – Roberts

Perfume – Chanel

Book – You can buy here – highly recommended.

Hello Postcard – Keep Calm Gallery

Bag – Vintage (though it will be for sale through the blog soon)

Earrings – Vintage (I think I stole them from my sister)

Tin – By Kirstie Allsopp for M&S sadly you can no longer purchase. It’s full of stamps, ink, cards, ribbon and tags.

Dress – Asos aggggessss ago.

What do you think?


You may have seen already, but the blog is in this months Wedding Ideas. I am sending a signed copy to my dad for fathers day. I’m not.


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As it is Sunday, we have a board from Burnett’s Boards. This week Sara has submitted a beautifully interesting pale palette. White on textured white always looks stunning with a dash of another colour. And I am glad Gyps has made a come back.

photo credits: escort cardscottagecakelace dressbaby’s breath centerpiecesbottled lemonade.

You can find all colour inspiration here


gold glamour {inspiration} | uk wedding blog

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Today’s inspiration is full of glamour courtesy of Burnetts Boards. I will be putting all her boards in to a gallery soon.

photo credits: cakereceptionArabic gold lettered invitesringNo.5vintage Dior dressgold starslove blocksmosque.

I would like the vintage dior and the ring please. So so pretty.


I hope you have a lovely bank holiday weekend. If you follow me on twitter you will know that I have been prepping the guest room ready for my favourite American to stay. She is here for the jubilee so I am throwing a party on Tuesday. There will be much more on this, I plan on taking lots of photos. I can’t tell you how excited I am. Painting furiously all week has paid off, the guest room is looking lovely. I opted for Pavilion Grey. I now would like to paint everything I own.

I am not sure when the next blog will be, probably Wednesday after Lindsay has left and I am sat weeping in a bunting covered corner of a freshly painted room.


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Today I am featuring something a little different. I love Hattie Rickards designs, the bold colours, geometric shapes, and she is bang on trend with the art deco/neon rings, but they are also made in the UK with fairtrade gold. If you were after a ring with a good ethical background then look no further. There is also some help for the men.

LUX FIX, the luxury online boutique, are hosting a very special online pop-up shop, accessible from anywhere, to aid daunted men in designing a bespoke precious engagement ring for their loved one, with the added bonus of LUX FIX’s usual insider’s exclusive deal on each ring purchased. For one month only from May 31st, men can find a helping hand in choosing that oh so important ring, alongside British luxury jewellery designer Hattie Rickards. Hattie’s jewellery has a strong focus on sophisticated design with an ethical backbone not to mention a celebrity favorite, including Livia Firth, Poppy Delevingne and Pippa Middleton.

This bespoke service offers you one-on-one time with Hattie herself to work out the perfect ring for your girl. Not only will you be guided through the design process, you will also be helped along the way with a priceless tick box list to choosing the right ring; stone, shape and style are all considered to the very last detail to achieve a unique, personalised love token. Each piece is designed and handmade here in the UK and each stage of the manufacturing process is photographed. The 18ct Fairtrade Fairmined gold has a fully traceable supply chain and offers you the guarantee that the product has been responsibly mined.  The final piece is beautifully hand drawn to scale by Hattie for the client to keep.


Even if you aren’t looking for an engagement ring, Hattie has some beautiful jewellery designs such as this

Have a look on her site, you will fall in love!


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Welcome to wonderful new sponsor Gorgeous Cakes – and what beautiful cakes they are!! My favourite is the bird cake. I like birds, I like cake. Win. I also would like someone to dare me to put one of those cakey baubles in my mouth all at once.


A Quick Q & A

Favourite Colour:
All shades of blue from palest aquamarine to deep ink

Favourite Film:
My Neighbour Totoro

Favourite Song:
Muse, “Super Massive Black Hole”

Favourite Month:
September: my birthday month! Warm sunny days, ripe fruit,
gorgeous autumn colours

Favourite Flower:
Dahlia, because it has so many varieties and colours from
simple daisy-like blooms to big blowsy double frilled

Favourite Drink:
A really hot, strong mug of Yorkshire tea!

Favourite Food:
A runny boiled egg, laid by one of our hens, with wholemeal
toast and butter

Favourite Word:
Epiphenomenal. A long word for a side effect, but lovely to say,
especially after a few glasses of Merlot!

Favourite Perfume:
Chanel No5

Favourite Book:
Anything by Thomas Hardy

Favourite Quote from a Film:
Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn!

Best piece of advice you have ever been given?:
Life’s too short to stuff a mushroom

Photo credit to for the top image.


using herbs at a wedding | uk wedding blog

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Herbs are easy to grow. So they say. After a cruel winter I have been left with mint only. My sage withered, my rosemary froze to death and my thyme was scorched. I think it is a lovely idea to give wedding guests something that not only is a reminder of your wedding, won’t collect dust and can be popped in to a cocktail or cooking. Herbs can be used in many different ways at your wedding and something that you can grow yourself to keep costs down.


Seating plan 

Herb favour

Herb favours

Table centrepieces 

Lavender cocktails 

Herb bouttonieres 

Herb posy – traditional flower company

I love some rosemary in my gin and tonic. Mint in my Pimms and thyme in my lemon vodka. This makes me sound like a herby lush. I do cook with them also. If there is any left. Whenever I smell rosemary I think of my own wedding bouquet, and lamb, and gin.