Freelance & Blogger Outreach

blogger outreachbloggeroutreachI actually started my first blog whilst studying marketing at university. It was just about my life up at a Scottish university and I think I gained about 50 followers. As my degree started to get more and more intense the writing ceased. After I graduated in the Summer of 08 I thought about taking up blogging again but wasn’t quite sure what I would write about. It wasn’t until September 21 2010, and a year after my engagement,  that I published my first blog post on So You’re Getting Married and I haven’t stopped since. I love writing and I love weddings. I really am living a dream.


I have only started pursuing the freelance work in the past 6 months (as of September 2014) and I am really enjoying building relationships with brands and making new contacts. I have already worked with some fantastic companies on a blogger outreach basis and freelance. If you would like more information please email

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