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I still remember exactly what items in my house were weddings gifts and who bought them, over the years some have succumbed to drunken mishaps, wagging dog tails and electrical fault but on the whole we still have most of our gifts.

Wedding gift etiquette is a complex, even dreadful topic to navigate. At the very least, you have to straddle the line between getting an appropriate gift that the couple might get several of, and being more creative to find a one-of-a-kind gift. While few couples will be bold enough to give you negative feedback on your choice of gift, your aim is still to find something they will love, and hopefully, wish to keep for years to come. Which are some of these?

Here are the top wedding gift suggestions to consider.

1. Date Night Package

This is an excellent, out-of-the-box group gift idea. Find a cute basket or gift box and stash with date night options. These can include movie cards, bowling or mini-golf tickets, popcorn and candy certificates, gift cards to various restaurants, and anything else you think the couple might enjoy. You can also pay for a membership in an activity they enjoy for a specified duration. Ensure to stagger the dates on the date night options so that the newlyweds can enjoy them over a stretch of time.

2.    His and Her’s Time Pieces

Once only used to tell time, watches have since evolved to be worn as fashion accessories, and even status symbols. Nothing gets better than Olivia Burton watches. You are bound to get a stylish timepiece to suit almost any preference or personality type. You can pick leather, mesh or bracelet strapped watches, and even opt for vegan and eco-friendly ones for couples that hold sustainability practices dear.

3. Spa Treatment

Anyone that has had a wedding can attest to this: weddings are stressful . The bigger the wedding, the more involving it is to plan. An option to relax and enjoy a little pampering, therefore, would come in as a welcome gift after the wedding. Find a great establishment that offers spa services and get the couple full-spa treatment for them to enjoy a day of pampering and the wedding anxiety is gone.

4. Plants and Trees

Plants continue to grow long after the wedding and act as metaphors for long-lasting love.  If you can, try gifting the couple a functional tree or plant. A fruit tree, for example, will give them healthy treats for years to come, making this a memorable, long-term gift. You could get extra points on it if the recipients are lovers of the environment as this gesture will be all the more endearing. However, it would be best if you have a rough idea about their home. If it’s a high-rise apartment or condo, a potted indoor plant will be more appropriate.

5. A Little Indulgence

Everyone loves the look and feel of the thick, soft, fluffy towels availed in luxury hotels. For the bride and groom, how about a set of 100% Turkish cotton towels to give them a little luxury every day? Again, as far as gifts with longevity go, it doesn’t get any better than this. For months to come, they can enjoy wrapping themselves up in spa-like luxury at the comfort of their home.

6. A Keepsake Box

A keepsake box is a beautifully crafted box used to keep bits and bobs from the wedding day to years that follow. Because of the memories it holds, a keepsake box becomes a valued item for the couple, making it an excellent gift idea.

Stand out as a Gift Giver

The best way to nail your gift-giving in weddings and other occasions is to be creative and find a gift with the recipient in mind. This makes the difference between buying a gift that will be tossed or re-gifted and one that will be cherished for years and years to come.


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Jason Moody //

My parents have been married over 50 years, and still have and use daily a set of saucepans that were gifted to them on their wedding day.

Louise //

I really love the date night package idea. It’s so versatile and can be made to suit all budgets, whilst still being really thoughtful and personal.