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You’ve just got engaged, you sit down (hopefully with some fizz) and you reach the “now what” portion of your planning. It can seem totally overwhelming to begin with, there is so much choice in today’s wedding industry and Pinterest and Instagram are constant reminders you can have any wedding you can imagine. Once you have booked in all the big things, I found it was the logistics of people that made things a little complicated and when I got married there weren’t apps for everything, hell, Pinterest didn’t even exist! Joy have created the most easy to use wedding planning platform for putting all your wedding information in one place that can also be accessed by all your guests. Not only that, gone are the days of the tacky 90s designs, the graphics are super pretty and will fit in with whatever wedding you’re planning. So will it really help all your planning? 

Whilst I do love a paper invite, sometimes they just aren’t practical and a more eco friendly option is going digital for all your wedding correspondence. It is also A LOT easier for people to RSVP to a digital wedding invitation than it is for paper, especially if you have guests all over the world.

How does it work?

Everything about your wedding can be in one place; from wedding websites and guest list tools, to save the dates and invitations. Building a wedding website can give all of your guests every single bit of info they need about the wedding. I had lots of texts back and forth about best places to park, good hotels, what they could do the next day etc. And whilst I was happy to help it would have been great if I could have directed them somewhere with all the information needed.

You may not know it yet but the bane of your life will be RSVPs and the guest list (then the table plan) so being able to manage your guest list via the online wedding RSVP tool will make everything a breeze. You can receive notifications via the app to let you know when someone RSVPs or when you need to follow up with a few guests. 

The ability to add your gift registry also makes everything easy for guests should you be signing up to somewhere. Everything can then either be tracked via your wedding website or via the app. Wedding planning doesn’t need to be stressful and Joy puts the joyfulness back in to the run up to your big day.

It also helps that the mobile app is exceptionally pretty.

Join Joy for free today and get your wedding organisation started!

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