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Planning a wedding whilst exceptionally time consuming for you, also requires lots of planning by your guests. Something I found I was putting my time in to after the invites were sent out (even though they did detail where to stay and there is amble information online…) was recommending where people could stay, or go for food the night before, or where is a good walk the day after etc. Something that whilst its totally harmless, if you have 50 odd people texting you this on top of everything else you’ve got going on can be coming a little…draining.

Bimble can help in that respect. I set up an account with them to trial what they offer and here is what I think…

Firstly, it is SO easy to use. I set up an account with them and the intuitive design leads you to type in places which you then turn in to a list. I set up two of good things to do/see in Stamford and another of places to stay nearby. If you click here you can see their guide to wedding planning with Bimble.

I would say it is also very helpful in the early stage of wedding planning because you can use it to group together venues, florists, dress boutiques and share the link with all your friends. Hen and stag do planning can also be made a lot easier by listing all the bars/places you will be going to which can be accessed by the rest of the group.

Visually I think it looks really good, nice clear images and good, clean font. You can also upload your own images. If I were getting married again I think I would take myself and Michael round all the places we love in Stamford and take photos of us outside each and upload them, just to make it a little more personal.

The service is free and there is an app being released in December which I think is perfect timing for all of those new brides and grooms to be after Christmas and New Year. If you want to have a play around yourself (I think it would also be amazing when planning trips away to various cities) then the link is here. They also already have some examples of their wedding planning lists if you need some inspiration.

Ultimately this app will be great for busy couples, when Aunt Doreen or the best mans girlfriend texts to ask where is good to stay then you can have all these lists ready for your guests. Including all the nightclubs for those that may want to carry on partying!

Gets a thumbs up from me!

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