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Trashing the dress is not simply about ruining the wedding dress, though, of course, that’s what takes centre stage in the whole tradition. However, trashing the dress is also an amazing opportunity for newlyweds to express their personalities as loudly or as quietly as they want. The bride can add the bridal jewellery she wore on her wedding day, or she can accessories with completely different pieces. Regardless, this photo shoot is the perfect occasion to let loose after all the stress of planning that perfect special day. Let’s explore a few unique, creative ideas, that will let you feeling even happier with yourself, if that is at all possible.

Mess It Up

Has it rained recently, or, even more perfectly, is it still raining? If the answer is yes, a great idea is to go out with your dress and have a roll in the mud. This may sound childish, but we’re sure it can be a ton of fun. Just remember how much fun you used to have when you were a little kid, and you used to play in puddles all day, without caring about your clothes getting messy. Try to bring some of that attitude back, but wear your wedding dress this time.

Play Some Paintball

Another wonderful trash the dress idea is going out and playing paintball with your beloved. This is an especially wonderful idea if you’re both very competitive, and love playing together. The plenty of colours of paint will look absolutely beautiful on the white dress. However, it’s very important to remember to wear a helmet and protective gear, to make sure that you won’t end up with bruises in your pictures too, since those are definitely not going to wash off.

Get that Cake on You

No, seriously: on you. If you’ve got a lot of leftovers from that delicious wedding cake, you can smash it up and spread it over your dress. Use your hands as much as you want, add sprinkles, more frosting, and whatever else you want to. Plus, you can lick your fingers during this photoshoot idea, which is just a wonderful benefit.

Zombie Apocalypse

If you too are obsessed with Walking Dead, a great idea would be to recreate a zombie apocalypse during your photoshoot. You can make it look like you’re hunting zombies, and use fake blood that can be spread all over your beautiful white dress. You can also add cowboy boots to complete the look.

Turn Yourself into Graffiti

Another wonderful idea for the shoot is to stand in front of a canvas, and have your spouse cover you in spray paint. The wonderful thing about this idea is that not only will you accomplish your trash the dress goal, but you may also leave with a piece of art that you can hang into your new place.

Work of Art

An idea that’s similar to the one above, is to, once again, stand in front of a canvas, and have your spouse throw colour on you. Here, you can use brushes, or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can have your spouse throw colour out of a bucket on you. This way, you’ll be soaked with colour, and your dress will certainly be trashed.

image | Kelly Koller Photography

Say Yes to Glitter

If you’re someone who adores glitter, then covering yourself up in it is just one of the best ideas possible. If you really want to, you can colour coordinate the glitter to match the palette you used during your wedding day. Alternatively, you can simply get different colours that you love, but couldn’t incorporate into your actual wedding day.

Bring Your Furry Friends Along

If you’re someone who loves pets, why not include them in this photo shoot? You can bring them along and combine different trash the dress ideas with this one. For instance, you can take them with you for a walk in the rain, and play together in puddles. They’re sure to have a ton of fun doing all of this with you.

image | Erich Mcvey

Jump into A Pond

Another idea that would look incredibly cure is holding hands while jumping into a pond together. The great thing about this idea is that, similarly to a few discussed above, it brings your new spouse into the mix too.

Spend Time in the Hay

If you love nature, a wonderful idea would be to roll down a green grass hill, or to throw yourself on a pile of hay. You can incorporate these elements however you wish, but this is a wonderful way of incorporating nature and being outside into your photo shoot.

There are plenty of unique ways in which you can bring out your personality and display it proudly during your trash the dress photo shoot. These are just a few ideas to get you started, but you can feel free to incorporate as many crazy ideas as you see fit.


Main image | the exceptionally talented Erich McVey with Emily Riggs Bridal 

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