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By Laura

Oh my goodness it has been a while since I last posted for the F&L series but there has been so much progress with our wedding plans… I SAID YES TO THE DRESS! Of course I won’t be sharing anything on that until the big day itself, but I will say one thing; it is everything I have ever dreamed of! Also, can we just take a second to appreciate that my wedding is exactly a year away?!

Today I am showing you our Save the Dates which we sent out just after Christmas. We have a loose theme that we are going with for our day and they tie in nicely with that. We wanted to get them sent out sooner rather than later because we really want everyone we’ve invited to be able to make it. Plus, I was absolutely desperate for everyone to get them so they could join in on my excitement. I have to say, I am genuinely enjoying the whole wedding planning process and with a year to go, I feel like I am in control and on top of things.

I have a whole Pinterest board on ticket style save the dates and while a lot of them are pretty and feminine, we wanted something that genuinely emulated a ticket. So after a lot of searching and googling we found this lovely seller on Etsy called InvitingLeeLee who has a ‘Ticketmaster’ style save the date which she then adapts with all of your details. She was fantastic in communicating with us, even though she lives in Illinois, and was super collaborative when we wanted to make minor changes to make it absolutely perfect. She is even happy to coordinate to your exact colour scheme.

We loved the idea of them being a magnet for people to stick on their fridge so that it would catch their eye every time they go to grab some milk and also not lose them! I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve misplaced an invite, especially when they get sent out over a year in advance of the actual event. However, there was also the option to simply purchase the digital file for £13 which is what we did because we figured we could do the rest ourselves. The magnetic sheets were bought through Fraser’s dad’s business so we spent a merry Sunday printing the design and guillotining them all individually. I have to say, Fraser’s attention to detail is impeccable so he was extremely meticulous at making sure they were all the same size and cut to the exact millimetre.

I couldn’t wait to get them in the post and I had been quite savvy at collecting everyone’s addresses and putting them into one of my many spreadsheets. I didn’t think having a fancy envelope was particularly needed for the Save the Date’s so we just got some bog standard ones. Fraser’s mum had put this really cute letter stamp set in my stocking this Christmas and what better way to make use of it than for this! After sealing the envelopes, I stamped an F and an L on the seam just for that personalised touch.

I didn’t think that anyone would receive them before the new year what with posting them second class and the back log of Christmas post. Lo and behold, two days after posting them we woke up to a flood of messages from our nearest and dearest with pictures of the Save the Date proudly set on their fridges, and lots of compliments about how much they loved the idea. We are absolutely chuffed with how they’ve turned out and all for a grand total of £35 but now it’s time to turn our heads to designing and printing our actual invitations! #wedmin never ends.

L x

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