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By Laura

Italy, 2017

Wow, I can’t quite believe I’m writing this post. I’ve always written about the wonderful brands we work with, telling you about various venues, designers and the like. Here I am, after over a year of working with So You’re Getting Married, I’m writing my first blog post about my own engagement! This is the tale of how we met…

NYE 2010

London, 2014

Rugby World Cup, 2015

My path crossed with Fraser’s for the first time at a house party in 2009. We both went to single sex grammar schools that sat either side of one long road (sometimes if you were sat by the window in one particular classroom you could see all the boys across the road in their science class). So even though I was at an all-girls school and Fraser at an all-boys, trust me when I say the walk to and from the bus park, every free period and school trips were spent trying to get all the boys to fancy you. Sad but very, very true – just ask all my friends. It was the Spring term of Year 13, school was almost over, we all knew what universities we’d hopefully be going to; it was just the dreaded A-Level exams to get through before we said ta-ta to secondary education. I’d always thought Fraser was handsome and although we had the same group of friends, that group was quite large so we never actually spent any time together.

Florence, 2012

Toronto, 2013

My graduation at University of Leeds, 2014

Year 13 was one of my favourite years at school, every single weekend someone would be having a party to celebrate their 18th birthday so it was a yearlong fest of alcopops, late nights and very sore heads. There was one venue that just kept on being booked for parties – I’m not even sure why because it was by no means The Ritz – but Princes Risborough Golf Club was the hub for Class of 2010 parties and the truth is we loved it. One weekend in March I was with all my girls at my best friend Anouszka’s house getting ready for a monochrome-themed party and one of my dear friends Amy said ‘have you got your eye on anyone tonight?’ to which I replied ‘well Fraser is cute…’. I of course thought this was just one of those passing conversations but if it wasn’t for Amy holding onto this particular nugget who knows whether I’d have a ring on my finger today! She, whilst I was ordering drink number 15 at the bar, pulled Fraser and told him to go for it. I think he a) thought Amy was nuts and b) didn’t think I found him attractive. Well, a bit of Dutch courage later and he came over and started chatting to me…the whole night…which ended with our first kiss!

NYE, 2010

Amalfi Coast, 2012

Italy, 2013

We spent a month of non-stop texting, phone calls and were joined at the hip at all the subsequent parties. Finally, on the 4th April 2010, while I was sat on my parent’s sofa finishing off my French essay, Fraser asked me to be his girlfriend. You will think I am absolutely insane but to this day I still text him to say ‘happy (number of months we’ve been together)’ – we’re now up to 101 months which I don’t think sounds like a lot but is actually over 8 and half years! At yet another 18th birthday party (this time at the fabulous but now shut down Starz bar – RIP), I was just about to leave when Fraser stopped me, gulped and said ‘I love you’ – I mean, it wasn’t the most romantic of settings but I knew very early on that Fraser was going to be the man I would eventually marry. He is without a doubt the funniest, most supportive and loving person I know. He is my best friend, he is always by my side and I trust him completely with my entire life. We have survived through university, where I spent a year and a half in Spain/Italy for my degree, drama school, house moves and job changes. Not once have we thought ‘maybe this won’t work’ we’ve always persevered because we honestly fall more and more in love with each other every day.

Paris, 2013

Niagra Falls, 2013

Florence, 2012

So that’s where it all started on the journey of Fraser & Laura and the next post will be about how he got down on one knee!

Italy, 2017

August 2013

I hope you’ve enjoyed looking through the 8 and half years’ worth of cringey photos I’ve put on this post – I’m not telling Fraser about this post till after it’s gone live else he might call the whole wedding off…

L x

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