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Morning! We are starting off the day with a topic that isn’t often discussed on blogs even though it is one of the main driving factors when planning your wedding. Of course you could take a handful of people are elope, that is always an option but if you want a larger wedding then budgeting can be really hard, especially as you start to discover the hidden costs surrounding weddings. It’s not all doom and gloom and you can have the wedding you want. Also look at our ‘under 10k‘ category for some real wedding inspiration.

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Start as you mean to continue – tips for a frugal but fantastic wedding

How many people do you know who have spent literally years preparing for their wedding? It seems crazy, and as John Lennon reminded us, life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans. Wasting what could be some of your best years while you pile up the money for the dress, the cars, the ritzy venue and everything else can be the ultimate folly in these uncertain times.

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Once you have done so, it also means starting married life with debts piled up around your shoulders. Now that, perhaps, is an inevitability.  We all have debt from car loans, student loans, injudicious use of credit cards and the like, and fortunately, there is no shortage of experts like Credit Fix to help us find a way out of the darkness. But do we really want to make our opening act of married life one that plunges us into even deeper financial trouble?

There’s no need to wait and there’s no need to spend what you can’t afford if you follow some basic frugal wedding tips – and none of them will take the shine off the best day of your life. 

image | India Earl

Cut down the guest list

When you first draw up a guest list, there will be hundreds of people on it. Old school friends you’ve not seen in years, colleagues you barely know, friends of friends of former neighbours, you get the idea. Here’s a secret – the more select the guest list, the more special the day and the more you will enjoy it. If you are surrounded by the people who really matter, you can relax more and really relish every moment.

image | Christina Brosnan

You don’t need a free bar

Even if they are your closest friends and family, people seem to go a little insane when there is a free bar. Perhaps they take the word literally and assume nobody has to pay for it. The point is, nobody expects a bar to be free, and they won’t think any the less of you. Providing a glass of fizz for the toasts and wine with the food is more than enough.

image | Bless Photography

Do you really want a sit-down meal?

Speaking of dinner – this one is very much down to personal preference, but don’t feel compelled to go for the full three-course sit-down. It costs more in terms of both money and time. If you’d rather spend the reception celebrating your vows than waiting for food to appear, a buffet or perhaps even a hog roast could be a better idea.

image | Kelsie Pinkerton

Go easy on the flowers

Some weddings go mad over flowers. They cost a fortune and are dead in a matter of days – it seems almost indecent. This is definitely a case where less is more can be the perfect attitude. Imagine how sophisticated your bridesmaids will look if each is carrying a single rose, for example. Alternatively, you could always go with imitation flowers instead – far more environmentally friendly and honestly, nobody will notice! Alternatively you can go to the flower market yourself and pick out flowers. We’d advise still having your bouquet made by a florist so it looks it’s best all day. 

This post was written with the help of CreditFix, for any advice in consolidating your debts and finances make sure you have a look at their website. We all have debt and there are ways of managing it. 


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