Our wedding day-What an experience!

By April

April & Oli’s Wedding 19/05/18

Oh my gosh, going through the photos to create this blog post was almost like re-experiencing our whole wedding day again!

On Saturday 19th May 2018, we got married! A day that we shared with the royal couple. To be honest, it was a joy to share with them, as now our wedding day will always be a memorable day in history! We have been married over 3 months now and people keep asking us ‘how is married life treating you?’ Well, what a feeling it is to promise your heart to someone and day by day after the wedding build a married life full of even more love and laughter!

We got married at The Pheasantry Brewery and the inspiration behind our wedding was simply to have a wedding unlike any we have ever been to before, and we definitely did that! I think the venue was by far the easiest decision we made throughout the wedding planning process as it was just us!

The day started off at our log cabin in Sherwood Forest, where my bridesmaid and friend accompanying me to the venue joined me, my mum and my glam squad. My hair stylist commented on how laid back the vibe was, and said that previously when she did weddings it always seemed to be manic! I do remember jumping around when the cream Mini Cooper named Yoko arrived to take us to the venue. I definitely was more excited than nervous that morning for sure!

April & Oli’s Wedding 19/05/18

Following our wonderful service, where Oli’s dad did a lovely reading, was our drinks reception in the garden and photos. Our photographer was outstanding and I would definitely recommend going with someone relatively new to the industry, as I just felt that photographers that have been doing the job for years and years may not have fresh ideas to bring to the table. I remember me and Oli taking a moment whilst having photos to observe our guests having fun in the sunshine on what was for us such an incredible day.

The next few hours were spent eating, drinking, listening to the speeches and chatting to our guests (along with a few games of tug of war…IN MY WEDDING DRESS!) Then it was time to cut the cake and do our first dance. Our chosen song was an acoustic version of ‘Could I have This Dance’ which my old ballroom dance teacher kindly taught us a waltz routine to. From then on we pretty much danced the rest of the night away after with numerous dance off’s between our groups of friends. It was so nice to see people mixing, as we both have friends from different walks of life.

April & Oli’s Wedding 19/05/18

I don’t think I stopped smiling all day and even over the next couple of days I was still receiving messages from our friends and families saying how much they enjoyed themselves…a sign of a good wedding I would say! Every time I think of our wedding I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside and in the evening when I get back from work, I will often flick through the photobooks I created to remember the amazing moments captured in snapshots again.

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